"We May Not Have it All Together, but Together We Have It All"

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Women’s Prosperity Network was founded in 2008 by three sisters (yes, real blood sisters!) with the intention of creating a new type of networking for women.  Women networking within a framework of a continuing community of support, education and advancement in their personal and professional lives.  Through our online and offline resources and our signature mastermind formula, “Brilliance, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs” women come together in the spirit of collaboration and coop-etition, with a commitment to excellence and sharing their gifts and talents.  The success of WPN Global is directly related to the success of our members.

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Chapter Expansion Director

Trish Carr
Email: Trish@WomensProsperityNetwork.com
Tel: 954.475.2178

Chapter Leader Liason

Catalina Cid
Email: Cat@WomensProsperityNetwork.com
Tel: 954.461.7056

Member Support Services & Coaching Program Coordinator

Stephanie Pimental
Email: Stephanie@WomensProsperityNetwork.com
Tel: 561.632-8735

Billing & Support Services

Susan Wiener
Email: Susan@WomensProsperityNetwork.com
Tel: 954.370.1176

Coaching Program Director
Sponsor/Partner Opportunities & Speaking Requests

Nancy Matthews
Email: Nancy@WomensProsperityNetwork.com
Tel: 954.368.3634

Marketing Director & Wow Wednesday Coordinator

Anny Cid
Email: Anny@WomensProsperityNetwork.com
Tel: 954.709.2081

Video Producer & Social Media Director

Zack Matthews
Email: Zack@WomensProsperityNetwork.com
Tel: 954.804.0925

Tech Support

Allison Ronis
Tel: 954.839.0563

Connect, create and collaborate with Women’s Prosperity Network.  This community is filled with inspired professional women taking their lives to new heights  (just like you!).

By combining the hearts and minds of extraordinary women working together in a spirit of excellence and a commitment to living our full potential, we all achieve success!

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"They may call me the “Visionary with Guts” but I know that within each of us there is a visionary with goals, dreams and talents to share with the world.  The “guts” comes from having people to guide you, encourage you and support you in achieving those goals and dreams."
~ Nancy Matthews, WPN Founder