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Susan Matzkin

"Thank you WPN for connecting me to all the wonderful ladies who have helped me move out of my comfort zone in business at the awareness center!"

- Dawn Meyer

Top three reasons to get involved with Women's Prosperity Network:

  • Mastermind with *Extra*Ordinary women committed to each others' success
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  • Multiply your results with the powerful connections and relationships created within the WPN community

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  • Thursday, February 1st
  • 11:00am to 1:30pm | Lunch + Learn Mastermind

This One's Just for the Ladies
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  • Note: If you're looking for the traditional business card drop and swap, this isn't the place. This is the place for you to create strong, lasting connections and relationships.
  • (Note: Your Receipt will come from Clean-ish Living)

Mountain City Club
729 Chestnut St,
Chattanooga, TN 37402

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Mastermind Discussion Topic:

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First:
Simple Self-Care
Practices for A Busy You

You hear it every time you fly, put your oxygen mask on before you help someone else. Yet in our everyday, full and busy lives we don’t often heed that advice. It’s so much easier to DO your best when you BE your best and that means taking care of you first.

In this month’s mastermind we’ll share best practices for taking care of #1 – so that we feel good inside and out and we can deliver our best for our clients, team members, children, friends, parents, spouse, significant other and anyone who counts on us.

Meet Your Chattanooga Chapter Leader

Susan Matzkin, is the founder and CEO of Clean-ish Living. She is certified nutritional health coach in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She developed Clean-ish Living to help her clients and herself set and attain achievable health goals with a focus on life-balance. Starting in her twenties, Susan bounced from one new diet to the next. She was raised with an awareness of healthy eating, however more processed and fast foods than she considered healthy, had snuck their way onto her plate. She decided to take matters into her own hands. Clean-ish Living became the core of how she cooks and eats and has irrefutably changed her relationship with food forever. Susan has a background in education, leadership, business and nutrition. She is a natural foods chef and blogger. She attended culinary school, has a Master’s degree and most recently attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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