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Audrey Kirwin & Linda Fostek

As always, we had a great get together. I love this community of women!!

- Catherine Laub

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  • Wednesday, April 5th
  • 12:00pm to 2:30pm | Mastermind

This One's Just for the Ladies
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  • Note: If you're looking for the traditional business card drop and swap, this isn't the place. This is the place for you to create strong, lasting connections and relationships.

*NEW* Location for This Month
Bonefish Grill
472 Smithhaven Mall
(next to Barnes & Noble)
Lake Grove, NY 11755

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Mastermind Discussion Topic:

Your Money Blueprint
The #1 Way to Be in and
Stay in the Flow

What is your money blueprint?

It’s amazing that so often our flow of abundance isn’t stymied by the economy or any particular situation in our towns or in the world; it’s stymied by our own beliefs and judgements - all of which are right for us. Or are they?

In this month’s mastermind we’ll take a look at the possibility that our thoughts and beliefs around money, creating wealth and being wealthy can shape our actions and our bank accounts. And we’ll get into action with 10 basic principles and strategies that can increase our money flow now.

Meet Your Nassau County Leadership Team

Audrey Kirwin 200x200Audrey Kirwin, is passionate about helping entrepreneurial business owners & individuals who are interested in planning their financial future. She works extensively in the areas of retirement planning, business succession strategies, wealth transfer and estate planning. Helping to reduce financial confusion, increase confidence and provide nurturing guidance to create a foundation to protect and accumulate wealth in a tax efficient manner. As part of the team at Applied Financial Group, she has access to an incredible service team, vast resources and knowledge. Her personal goal is to become a life resource for each and every client.

Linda Fostek is a Speaker and Author on a mission to empower others to be their own Master of Disaster. As a 35 year veteran in corporate sales, project management and training, Linda knows first-hand how preparation and planning allows companies and individuals to navigate through the often hectic and challenging landscape of life. Linda now brings her expertise, kind heart and compassion to show others a step by step system that makes planning for and thinking about the unthinkable. Inspired by her late father, Norbert Osiecki, who started this project as a way to help his friends who were in chaos after the death of their spouse, Linda carries on his legacy through her recent book, Shit Happens: Creating Your Plan to Survive & Thrive When Faced With Life’s Personal & Natural Disasters.

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