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Next Call:  Wednesday, December 13th

9:00 am (edt)

Guest: Linda O Fostek

Maximize Your Networking Efforts!
How to Build a Solid Referral Funnel

Do you have a Love / Hate relationship with Networking? Sure, we know it's good for business, but how do you really maximize your networking efforts and get a great return on investment?

Join us for this week's Wow with our guest, Linda O Fostek, known as a Master Networker as she shares how you can grow your business and not break the bank through strategic and inspired networking.  You'll learn:

  • The magic of creating a referral funnel through networking
  • Do's and Don'ts to ensure your efforts are well received
  • How to find the right groups to join and partner with

Special Training with Trish Carr!

8:00 pm (edt)

Trish Carr

Sizzling Strategies for Success:
How to Get 'er Done and Maintain Your Sanity!

Do you sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with all you have to accomplish? Do you want to get more done in less time and with less hassle? Then you want to be on this call! On this Wow Wednesday, Trish will share the 4 secrets to accomplishing more in less time so that you can create that "balance" you've always heard about but have yet to consistently experience yourself.You’ll learn tips, tools and tactics to set you up for success RIGHT NOW

Join WPN Co-Founders, Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr, and hundreds of extraordinary people who get their mid-week boost of motivation, education and inspiration from WOW Wednesdays!

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Trish Garron Trish Garron

I came on very late, and almost did not... BUT so glad I did. I will listen to the replay... questions from your guests and your responses were so helpful for the info I needed today. My message to anyone today would be to still get on the call, even if you are late... you never know what you will learn... so thank you"

Adale Jamnik Alexandre Adale Jamnik Alexandre

"I love to listen to the WOW Wednesday talks. I get a lot of useful information, and it is something I look forward to every week. Since joining Womens Prosperity Network, I have met the most fascinating people. When I am looking for a product or service, I look to my WPN contacts. As you say, we do business with outstanding opportunities."