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Next Call:  Wednesday, April 26th

9:00 am (EDT)

Our Guest: Stephanie Rathje & Cynthia Porter

Topic: Tapping Into Your Brain's Potential

Join us for this week's Wow Wednesday with our special Guests, Stephanie Rathje and Cynthia Porter.

Stephanie and Cynthia will be sharing the remarkable stories of thousands of men and women now live rich and rewarding lives who never thought they could...thanks to Brain Tap!

You will learn how in just 20 relaxing minutes a day you can get the same benefits that thousands have such as reducing or eliminating brain fog and negative mind chatter, increased energy, reduce unwanted habits and behaviors, enhanced productivity, memory, focus and creativity.

Stephanie Rathje

Learn more about Stephanie Rathje +

Stephanie Rathje is a former law enforcement officer who is now a Manager / Agent for Celebrity, Frank Shankwitz (The Creator of Make-A-Wish Foundation) and a brand ambassador for Dr. Patrick Porter and Cynthia Porter, the creators of Brain Tap.

Having overcome extreme PTSD through using the Brain Tap technology, Stephanie is on a mission to share this simple and powerful technology to help others reduce stress, anxiety, sleep better and have better results with with other medical treatments.

For information on Brain Tap ==> CLICK HERE

Cynthia Porter

Learn more about Cynthia Porter +

Cynthia J. Porter PhD and her husband, Dr. Patrick Porter, are the developers of the award-winning BrainTap portable achievement device based on technology originated in 1986 an winner of the Consumer Electronics Show coveted “Best-new-Gadget-of- Year” award in 1989.

In 1992 she completed her doctorate degree in counseling at LaSalle University. Cynthia wrote, co-wrote, or ghostwrote 8 self-improvement books. Currently, she is Vice-President of BrainTap Technologies, which develops and sells brain-based wellness products. She is a accomplished speaker and writer and has earned a Pushcart Prize nomination in literature.


8:00 pm (EDT)

Our Guest: Sherinata Pollock

Topic: Top 3 Dangerous Reasons you need to Protect you and your Family from Electronic Devices

We're a nation of mobile phone lovers.

There are now 1.8 mobile phones per person.

There have been nagging doubts about their safety.

Join us for this week’s Wow Wednesday where, Sherinata Pollock, shares the top 3 Dangerous Reasons you need to Protect you and your Family from Electronic Devices and how to Stay Safe. This powerful tele-class will blow your mind more than you can ever imagine.

Join WPN Co-Founders, Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr, and hundreds of extraordinary people who get their mid-week boost of motivation, education and inspiration from WOW Wednesdays!

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Trish Garron Trish Garron

I came on very late, and almost did not... BUT so glad I did. I will listen to the replay... questions from your guests and your responses were so helpful for the info I needed today. My message to anyone today would be to still get on the call, even if you are late... you never know what you will learn... so thank you"

Adale Jamnik Alexandre Adale Jamnik Alexandre

"I love to listen to the WOW Wednesday talks. I get a lot of useful information, and it is something I look forward to every week. Since joining Womens Prosperity Network, I have met the most fascinating people. When I am looking for a product or service, I look to my WPN contacts. As you say, we do business with outstanding opportunities."