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Next Call:  Wednesday, February 22nd

9:00 am (EDT)

Our Guest: Amber Izzard

Topic: Create Your Grand Vision and Design the Life You Love

Have you ever felt that you were meant to do MORE with your life? That you were put here on this earth to achieve something great, but you don't know WHAT that is?

Join us for this week’s WOW Wednesday class with Life Transformation Specialist and Intuitive Energy Healer, Amber Izzard.

Amber has a passion for supporting women to unlock their true potential and live a life of purpose. She teaches special techniques on how to harness the power of your mind, to consciously design and transform your life. On this powerful call you will learn:

  • The 4 steps to creating your Grand Vision
  • An easy way to discover your Purpose
  • Using the power of your mind to design your life
  • What the Law of Attraction is and how it can work for you

8:00 pm (EDT)

Our Guest: Laura Newman

Topic: Venus & Mars & Networking | Identifying and Capitalizing on Gender Differences to Maximize Your Networking Efforts

On the evening Wow Wednesday tele-class, we’ll shine a light on how men and women network differently and what we can do to make our networking even better.

Recognizing our commonalities and our differences makes it easy to make the most of our networking opportunities so that we show up as “The One,” put our best foot forward and make the right connections. Join us for an important discussion that will instantly improve your networking results.  Learn to recognize - and maybe even appreciate those differences so you network effectively.

If you network with men, if you do business with men, you’ll want to tune in to this call.  Plus, you know it’s always a lively, fun discussion when women talk about men!

Join WPN Co-Founders, Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr, and hundreds of extraordinary people who get their mid-week boost of motivation, education and inspiration from WOW Wednesdays!

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Trish Garron Trish Garron

I came on very late, and almost did not... BUT so glad I did. I will listen to the replay... questions from your guests and your responses were so helpful for the info I needed today. My message to anyone today would be to still get on the call, even if you are late... you never know what you will learn... so thank you"

Adale Jamnik Alexandre Adale Jamnik Alexandre

"I love to listen to the WOW Wednesday talks. I get a lot of useful information, and it is something I look forward to every week. Since joining Womens Prosperity Network, I have met the most fascinating people. When I am looking for a product or service, I look to my WPN contacts. As you say, we do business with outstanding opportunities."