Guest Kathryn Yarborough

Instead of holding yourself back, playing small, and starting and stopping with your business, why not become unstoppable? If you want to feel successful, abundant, fulfilled, or something even better, and the desire for it is so strong you can almost taste it, something bigger is calling to you. There’s a way to manifest it – even if you have no idea what it looks like yet. 

Kathryn Yarborough has discovered a way to take that feeling and, over time, turn it into a vision for your business that excites you so much that nothing will stop you. With a vision for your business that excites you and the tools to manifest that vision, you can be an unstoppable solopreneur. 

In 2001, Kathryn began her entrepreneurship with a clear vision and a sense of purpose. But life changes and by 2013, she had plummeted into uncertainty and confusion. Using the process she’s going to share with us, Kathryn is now on a journey of becoming an unstoppable solopreneur and making a difference in her clients’ lives every day.  

Kathryn Yarborough is the creator of the Manifesting Clients Academy, an inspirational speaker, and the author of the soon to be published book, The Unstoppable On Purpose Solopreneur’s Handbook. Kathryn teaches heart-based, on purpose solopreneurs how to unleash their light on Facebook, manifest clients, and a grow business they love.   

Her website is You can find her on Facebook at and