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For Women AND MEN TOO!!!!

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  • Tuesday, August 9th
  • 9:30 am Registration
  • 10 am to 1 pm Mastermind
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Ladies & Gentlemen ... You Asked for It -- So Here It Is!!!

Our Signature Mastermind Workshop

"Brilliance, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs"

Come One, Come All ... MEN & Women - Let's Mastermind & Prosper Together!

  • Tuesday, August 9th
  • 9:30am Registration & Networking
  • 10:00am to 1:00pm Mastermind
  • Note:If you're looking for the traditional business card drop and swap, this isn't the place. This is the place for you to create strong, lasting connections and relationships.
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Embassy Suites by Hilton Boca Raton
661 NW 53rd Street
Boca Raton, FL 33487

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"I've just been introduced to WPN and The One Philosophy by Founder, Nancy Matthews.  All I can tell you is that this book changed my life AND the spirit and brilliance of everyone I've met from WPN is extraordinary.  I can't wait to get together and mastermind so we can all grow and prosper!"

Bob Green Bob Green

Top three reasons to join us for this event:

  • Mastermind with *Extra*Ordinary people committed to each others' success
  • Maximize your opportunities with the coop-etition philosophy. We don't worry about competition and instead focus on collaboration ... by working together we can all win the game!
  • Multiply your results with the powerful connections and relationships created within the WPN community

Mastermind Topic:

Whose World Is It Anyway?

Women Living In a Man's World
- AND -
Men Living In a Woman's World

With today's ever evolving and changing roles, the lines between "Man's Work" and "Women's Work" are happily blurred - although this can create confusion, conflicts and the opportunities for breakdowns in communication.

Join us for this lively discussion and mastermind where our intention is to bridge the gap and gain greater understanding so that everyone wins and the battle of the sexes can be over!

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Tuesday, August 9th
(10 am to 1 pm - Boca Raton)

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