Guest Stacey Murphy

Did you know both networking and speed dating leverage the same key skill to authentically connect with people? 

When you master this skill, it can open many doors of opportunity including a 4% increase in your earning power without asking your boss for a raise or having to hustle for the next client. 

Join us for this week’s Wow Wednesday as, Stacey Murphy will share how the soft skill of charisma is essential to inspire a team, or loved one, allowing YOU to be influential in life and love.  The same skill that allowed Stacey to land a dreamy opportunity with Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy.  You will learn the 7 steps to a powerful presence and its magic to increase your visibility, allure, and money-making power with EASE!

Stacey Murphy is your Love & Intimacy Coach as well as International Best-Seller Author who shows professional women how to feel strong, feminine, and seductive in the presence of high-caliber men so you can attract AND maintain a happy & juicy relationship that can stand the test of time.  Prior to being a coach, Stacey spent over 18 years at Red Lobster Corporate as Assistant Brand Marketing Manager working on advertising, merchandising, and media.  So in addition to love, Stacey teaches professional women how to leverage their personal brand and charisma so you can be more impactful and influential in your career or business leading to promotions, opportunities, and more money in your bank account. Learn More or

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