Get Your Demo / Sizzle Reel at The iLive Experience

Email and I'll put you in touch with the video team.

We've invited an experienced film crew to join us at Illumination Live to give you the opportunity to get your Sizzle or Demo Reel completed.

See some samples below and let us know if you'd like to claim one of the few spots open. Here's how it will work:

  • The purpose of the demo reel is to highlight you and your business, giving you a high quality professionally produced video to use on your website, share through social media and send to potential clients and booking agents.
  • You will receive a questionnaire in advance to begin the story of you and your business
  • You will be interviewed during the event by the production company
  • They will get testimonials from people at the event

End Result: A high quality, professional video that represents the value you deliver.

"I got mine done at a recent event and was thrilled with how easy it was AND the level of professionalism of the film crew. That's why we're bringing them to Speaker Training." ~ Nancy Matthews

It's Never Been EASIER to Get Your Demo Reel Done

Claim Your Spot Now!

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