Guest Cynthia Straus

Cynthia Straus shares her experience of how unexpected events turned her life upside-down, how she survived these reversals, and came through reinvented on the other side. She’ll share from her experience ways you can avoid some of these pitfalls or lessen their impact on your life.


Cynthia Straus is a Life Protection Specialist showing individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners how to protect their lives and their assets and build wealth for the future. She is the owner of The Straus Agency, representing over 20 A-rated companies to provide her clients with the best products and services available.

Her passion comes out of her own lived experience. Taking care of her mother, which depleted all her mother’s savings, being hit by the financial downturn of 2008/2009, and her husband’s near death experiences, have all increased her awareness of the need we all have to be prepared for life’s unexpected events. She capitalizes on those experiences to share with her clients the ways to avoid those situations in their own lives.

She grew up helping her father with his business, providing life and disability insurance to groups in the mid-Atlantic states. She has expanded these services to include access to legal services, home care, and data protection. She is passionate about helping people put services, procedures, and policies in place to protect themselves and their families. 

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