Momentum Delivers Consistent Results

Weekly Expert Advice - Best Practices for Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales & Scaling
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Peer to Peer Support
Ongoing Professional & Personal Development

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WPN'S Flagship Business Development & Coaching Program 

Finish 2024 Strong, Inspired & Prosperous!

Surpassed what I made last year!

I've already surpassed what I made last year and that was with 3 months of COVID thrown in!

I was basically brick and mortar and moved my business online and made more in 2020 than I did in 2019.

Sally DiCesare, RDH, BS

My First 6-Figure Year!

This was my first 6-figure year and created digital products courses and a membership.

Dotty Scott

More Clients - At Higher Pricing

Since stepping into coaching and taking the sales training, I'm enrolling more clients (at the highest investment) with ease. 

Every time I've invested and worked with WPN my business has increased and they always show up for me.

Stacey Murphy

Your Success Path in Momentum

Momentum Benefit Highlights

Weekly Momentum Monday Sessions - Every Monday at 12pm & 6pm EDT get expert coaching, marketing and sales training plus group accountability and support
Weekly Friday Get 'er Done Sessions to ensure you are consistenly achieving your target milestones.
Answers at your fingertips for all your business questions!

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Momentum Delivers Consistent Results

Weekly Expert Advice, Coaching, Peer-to-Peer Support
Best Practicies for Marketing, Sales and Ongoing Professional & Personal Development


We've served over 26,000 people through our global community of Women's Prosperity Network


Speaking Engagements & Presentations - Keynotes, In-Person & Online Events Globally 


Podcasts & Interviews Broadcast Around the World

If you are an aspiring (or already are) a successful 6 or 7-figure entrepreneur...

Become part of the Momentum Mastermind.

The leading mastermind for female entrepreneurs focused on growing their businesses. Where inspired and engaged women share best practices, get coaching, create strategies and create partnerships.

Momentum is an intimate mastermind and has extremely limited availability.

Hear What Other Momentum Members Have To Say

WPN is the BEST Investment I've made in my business!

I am awash in business! WPN was the best business investment I ever made. More has come to me through my affiliation with WPN than having an MBA or any other kind of certification or referral sources ... you're it baby.

Andrea Feinberg

Boss on the Beach

Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr

Master Business Consultants
Co-Founders, WPN

What Is Momentum Mastermind?

The Momentum Mastermind is where you focus ON your business and your vision, and achieve consistent forward progress and real results. Our group of highly-motivated, supportive and collaborative Momentum partners meet weekly to ensure you are getting exactly what you need when you need it.

Access the proven Momentum system that has created extraordinary results for hundreds of entrepreneurs through the combination of expert coaching, peer-to-peer masterminding and accountability, coupled with ongoing access to the hottest and most effective marketing strategies. 

How It Works

Weekly Group Coaching 
 Accountability & Best Practices for Building a Thriving & Profitable Business

Two 90-Minute Sessions - Every Monday
12pm to 1:30pm (Eastern)
6pm to 7:30pm (Eastern)

Attend one or both - replays available

Get answers when you need them so that you're no longer stuck and wondering, "Will this work?" 
Weekly intention setting and accountability with your WPN sisters is like having your own board of directors so that you are always moving forward with clarity and speed.
PLUS...this is the place where you can safely share your struggles (because we all have struggles) and breakthrough them once and for all!

Limited Availability - Apply now as these coveted spots will fill up FAST.

Are You a Woman on a Mission to Make a Difference
And Earn the Money You Deserve?

On-Demand access to all these trainings PLUS weekly coaching and masterminding with your WPN sisters.

Pricing Your Offers

Know exactly how to price your offers so that you are serving more high-end clients and have down sells to serve everyone you speak with.

Serve & Earn More

Master Sales the Heart-Centered, Non-Salesy Way that has people ASK to buy from you with the Anatomy of the Impact-Focused Sales Process.

Fill Your Client Roster

Learn the proven timelines for marketing and sales strategies (webinars, group programs and high-ticket sales) that create real results.

Content that Converts

Never be at a loss on what to post or where to post to attract your ideal clients.  This is the blueprint for a 52-Week content marketing strategy.

Nail Your Intro

Ever feel as if your 30-second elevator pitch lands on deaf ears? Never again with the Sizzling Intro-Mercia formula that has people want to know more.

Plan for Success

The inspired action plan blueprint is designed to meet your income goals with an easy to follow marketing strategy that delivers results.

Reclaim Your Sanity!

This module shows you exactly where you want to spend your time in running a successful business. It's time for you to run your business instead of it running you.

Make Time for #1

You know the most important factor in your business? Yes -- it's YOU! Keeping your attitude positive and your vibes high is the way to feel good and attract amazing opportunities at light speed.

Influence & Persuasion

2-Day Business of Speaking Boot Camp. The only training that combines the skills of speaking, influence and persuasion with the business side of speaking.

Limited Enrollment 

Get In Today & Finally Have the Answers You Need at Your Fingertips 
Plus Coaching from 20+ Year Master Business Coaches
Accountability & Masterminding All For One Low Price of $199*

*Monthly membership, cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Have any of the following questions stopped or stumped you?

Challenge: I'm really struggling. Nothing is working. I keep trying new things but I think it is lack of having a marketing plan. (Click for Solution)

We've got you covered! 

Marketing from Your Funnel - You'll experience ongoing flow and ease as your marketing aligns perfectly with your offerings and your desired income. 
Content Creation Made Easy - This module guides you in creating 52 weeks of content to share across social media, blogs and email marketing as well as the proven outline for video tips - all designed to attract your ideal clients.
Opt In Flow Chart - Create low and now cost offerings designed to attract quality leads who will want to continue their journey with you.

Challenge: How do I restart my business? The pandemic brought everything to a halt. (Click for Solution)

Shift Your Strategy - NOT Your Vision

Access the 5-Part Position Your Pivot Course that guides you through repositioning yourself with what your ideal clients need right now.
This training guides you step-by-step through the foundations of identifying your target market, creating messaging that attracts them, revising your offers to align with what they want and selecting the right marketing strategies to reach them. 

Challenge: Being a solopreneur, how do I prioritize what I need to do so that I am having the greatest impact on moving the needle forward in my business without having to "push" so hard to make things happen. (Click for Solution)

You're not alone. This is one of the biggest struggles for solopreneurs who haven't yet learned, "Business Time Mastery." The Time Mastery training gives you the essentials for designing a business and a life you thoroughly enjoy.

Business Time Mastery: Know exactly where to spend your time and effort to bring about the impact and income you desire. 
Reclaim lost time by reframing your relationship with time.
Save time lost in uncertainty and indecision with clear guidelines and boundaries that keep you headed in the direction of your goals and vision.

Challenge: Closing sales with prospects I've had discovery calls with. (Click for Solution)

Master the Client Conversion Formula

Discovery calls are a great way to attract ideal clients -- as long as you know how to maximize them. Otherwise, you're just giving free advice which doesn't serve you or the people you're talking with.
The Sales Mastery Module guides you through the Anatomy of the Heart-Centered Sales Process which incorporates the discovery call.
Learn how to give huge value without giving away the farm so that people ask, "how can I get started working with you."

Challenge: How to I find my niche? What do I focus on first? I need to start earning money quickly.  (Click for Solution)

Knowing your niche helps you easily attract clients.

Discovering your niche is a combination of identifying what your most skilled at, what you enjoy and what others want. 
You'll be guided through a process that reveals your niche AND places you at the forefront as the go-to expert in that field.

Challenge: I need to reach more people. Marketing and lead generation is what I need help with. (Click for Solution)

There are lots of people out there -- how to get them to find and select YOU!

Content Creation Made Easy gives you the blueprint to create 52 pieces of content (that's a full year's worth) to market on social media, email and blogs. 
Promoting your brand in a virtual world shows you how to get speaking gigs, stand out on social media and fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

Challenge: How do I make my value proposition clearer so that my value is made known effectively? (Click for Solution)

Wouldn't it be great if people quickly knew what you did, how you can help them and were eager to work with you?

The Anatomy of the Heart-Centered Sales Process does just that! 
Learn what to say, what to ask and how to be silent so that people ask, "When can we get started?" and "Here's my credit card."
PLUS be prepared to address objections and concerns in the most effective way ever.

Challenge: How do I fill my workshops and group programs? I've tried and tried but the results are dismal. (Click for Solution)

We love formulas because they never fail! The sales and marketing checklists guide you step by step in:

Planning sufficient marketing time to fill your webinars and your group programs.
Knowing exactly how many leads you need to achieve your goals. (i.e. Say you want 15 people in your program, how many leads do you need?)
Creating your marketing plan in alignment with your income goals so that you're not consistently scrambling to find something to sell.

Wouldn't you love these type of results?

My Money Flow is Fabulous!

Momentum gives me exactly what I need to keep moving forward and getting results -- for me and my clients. Plus, I love to be supported and support the other members as we grow together and make a difference in the world.

Christina Stuart

Christina Stuart Photography
Soul Sessions

$3,000 from my first ever webinar!

Being part of WPN and Momentum Coaching has CHANGED MY LIFE! Besides the support, feeling of connectedness and community that I experience, from the step-by-step guidance and training, I launched my first group program, did my first webinars and earned over $3,000...and that was in just one month. Thank you."

Reesa Woolf, PhD

All the pieces have come together...

Finally! After leaving corporate America with a desire to travel, to serve others and make a positive impact, and immersing myself in all kinds of training - all the pieces have come together. Thanks to the guidance and coaching from Nancy and WPN, I AM living my purpose fully.

The mantra Nancy shares, "I work with wonderful people in wonderful ways for wonderful pay" is true!

Gail Carter, MBA

Momentum Mastermind Is For You, If:

You want to grow your business, your brand, and your bank account in any economy and any market.
You want the guidance, mentoring, and strategies that work. 
You know that support, accountability and focused intention on your vision will move you forward faster and farther.
You want to grow and move forward with a group of like-minded and like-spirited women.
You want ongoing access to the hottest and most effective marketing trends to maximize your reach.
You want to leverage the power of the WPN network to expand your reach.
You want to be part of a group of impact-focused leaders and professionals.
You want to experience real results, right now, just as hundreds of Momentum members have!

Our Momentum Mastermind Is Packed Full Of Benefits & Perks

These are just a few of the benefits you'll get when you are in Momentum Mastermind

Expert Coaching

With Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr. Every week you get the dynamic group coaching formula where your individual questions are answered and everyone benefits with advice and strategy to increase your reach, your impact and your income.


This key success component gives you ongoing support so that you stay on track, focused and in Momentum.

Set your intentions and track your results on a weekly basis for consistent results. 

Real Support

When you run into a challenge or simply need an answer, your Momentum partners keep you going, flowing and in action. 

We've got each others' backs!

Hottest Trends

End the confusion and overwhelm and stay up to date on what's working (and what's not) to attract qualified leads. 

Spend your time where it matters to reap the greatest rewards.


Peer-to-Peer Masterminding brings new perspectives, advice and solutions. This exclusive community of carefully selected members who've experienced and overcome the same challenges you have and who are as committed to your growth as they are to their own.


You'll instantly add growth-minded peers to your network and foster deep connections. These are connections you can easily draw upon for cross-promotion, collaborative projects and exposure to their tribes.

Isn't It Your Time To...

Grow your business, your brand and your bank account in any economy and in any market.
Reach a larger, more engaged audience.
Grow and move forward with a group of like-minded and like-spirited women.
Experience real results right now just as hundreds of Momentum Members have!

Limited Enrollment 

Any Questions?
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Satisfaction Guaranteed: A full refund will be provided if you are not fully satisfied within 30 days from the date of enrollment and you have attended three (3) or more Momentum Monday sessions and completed the assignments and action items recommended by the coach/trainer.

Let's Talk About Momentum!

We are looking forward to speaking with you to explore how being a part of the leading mastermind for female entrepreneurs focused on growing their businesses will move you forward for greater impact and income.

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Best Practices for Marketing, Sales and Ongoing Business and Professional Development

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