Guest Janet Grillo

Author, Janet Grillo, like many of us, seeks to achieve success by helping others. She has become a BFF (in today’s terminology) to God by sharing her joys and sorrows while asking for strength to build her broken life.

Janet’s life changed dramatically when she turned her life over to God. She did not see a plan for her future and asked God to give her something to be passionate about. In one of the letters that God wrote to Janet on June 18, 2004, He told her that together they would write a book. He said that the book would be a great success for Janet, but a greater success for the millions of lies that she will help change by helping people get closer to God.

Janet Grillo’s husband died tragically on December 13, 2001. She questioned whether his death was a suicide, assisted suicide, suggested suicide or murder. After his death, she discovered that he was part of an organized crime ring.
Mafia? Columbian Cartel?

“God Promised Me Wings to Fly” is an amazing story about a woman who felt that she was living the perfect life and discovered that her entire marriage was a lie. Janet searched deep within herself to find the strength to rebuild her life as she searched for answers about her husband’s death.

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