Crushing barriers to mental health and wellness through motivational speaking, therapy, online courses, and life coaching, Montrella Cowan is a licensed therapist, entrepreneur, best-selling author and all-around survivor who inspires everyday people and professionals to step into their greatness.

A firm believer of the mantra #TruthOverTrauma, Montrella is no stranger to trauma. Hailing from the inner-city projects in Brooklyn, New York, Montrella was surrounded by a plethora of generational woes, including teenage pregnancy, incarceration, welfare dependency and extreme poverty.

The taxing nature of her past traumas, including being raped at 14, giving birth at 15 and then losing that same daughter at 25 from lupus, has given Montrella an exceptional ear for listening and understanding clients. Founder of Affinity Health Affairs LLC, Montrella believes in a practical and holistic approach.

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