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Event Dates for 2020


December 4th & 5th(ADVANCED LEVEL UP ONLINE)

Event Dates for 2021

January 10th & 11th(ADVANCED LEVEL UP - SALES)
Long Island, NY

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March 5th & 6th, 2021
The iLive Experience
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Led & Facilitated by

Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr

"Our community is filled with brilliant, heart-centered, action-taking difference makers. This Mastermind is specifically designed to bring us all together so that we can all achieve extraordinary results and make a bigger positive impact in the world."

  • Clearly define your next action steps for massive results
  • Expand your reach and your impact through new strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Discover new ideas and ways to grow in an inspired and relaxed way that fits your desired lifestyle

These 2 Global Leaders are coming together to support YOU in creating and LIVING a life you truly love.  The kind of life where you say, "PINCH ME! This is even better than I dreamed of!"