Guest Honey Hilliard

“Letting Your Light Shine”, to me, refers to the act of being a conduit for a higher power. More specifically, conducting creative energy from outside of one’s self, thru one’s self, into an expression that may be understood by others in order to elevate one’s self and others. I believe we all have million dollar ideas, and if we can get out of our own way, we can invite, receive, recognize & allow these ideas to flow through us and provide blessings for ourselves, those around us, and for humanity. With my art practice, I receive an almost constant stream of ideas/sparks and inspirations for paintings, faster than I can create them all. With my invention, ArmScarvz, I remember the exact moment the “spark” came to me. These are the sparks that can turn into bright, burning fires. While it IS our job to protect the fire, (ie, intellectual property protection & patents), the protection of an idea, creative project or venture cannot be allowed to have too much power or it will extinguish the fire. My message is to make sure that you make room for creative energy. I have been a self representing artist for 21 years and I know that when I paint and create, it makes the energy and abundance and sales flow faster. My message is to invite, recognize, nurture and tend the SPARK into a healthy fire that is at the heart of your practice, your soul’s mission. With the “spark” I felt with my invention, ArmScarvz, I knew just what to do, although in hindsight spent way too much time in meetings with “experts” who wanted to ”collaborate” and ended up stealing the idea on a very large scale, using their connections and my idea to produce it in China and sell it on Amazon. I am very thankful my husband decided to dive in early enough and write the patent SO I am actually legally allowed to still produce my own invention, ArmScarvz, under the “patent pending” status. Overall, I find that it is more important to focus on the creative side and delegate the protection. Actually, I am learning to delegate more and more anything that does not require my creative brilliance. I recommend other creative entrepreneurs delegate as much as possible. I am actually starting a collective, “The Honey Hive”, in January 2021 as a private platform of support, education and inspiration for creative entrepreneurs.

About Honey 
Currently living in Tallahassee, the beautiful capital of Florida, Honey works out of a sunlit studio built onto her home. She is: wife, mom of 2 girls (kindergarten and college), self-represented artist, children’s book author & product developer. She often turns her paintings into products such as calendars, ornaments, note cards and prints. She shares her art, products & patent-pending invention in galleries, art venues, boutiques and online at

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