Level Up Your Sales & Marketing to
EXCEED Your 2024 Goals

Join us for the Legendary Level Up Workshop


June 14th & 15th

11am to 5pm Eastern (both days)

This is Your Mid-Year Boost to Finish 2024 Strong!

Advanced Level Up 2-Day Mastermind Workshop

Get the proven and time-tested Level Up system for success combined with today's best strategies for attracting, engaging, converting and serving your ideal clients.

Here are just a few of the areas we'll cover:

The A.I. to A.I. Impact Strategy - How to use Artificial Intelligence to create Authentic Influence
Video Marketing - Attract and Convert More of Your Ideal Clients
Design a Business to Fund Your Lifestyle: The 6-Figure & Beyond Blueprint
Goal ACHIEVING Formula - Aligning Your Heart's Desires with Your Subconscious Mind
Grow Your Audience & Build Your List - How to Be An Irresistible Joint Venture Partner
Get 'er Done Formula: Secrets to Knocking Off Items from Your To Do List

Level Up to work smarter, not harder, AND in alignment with what matters to you most - fulfilling your purpose and making an impact - the proven path to realize your greatest prosperity. 

Who is this for?

Attn: Women Business Owners

Coaches & Consultants

Speakers & Authors

Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Direct Sales | Network Marketing

Digital Course & Product Creators

Financial Services

B2B (Business to Business)

B2C (Business to Consumer)

 If you're a woman on a mission to reach more people & have greater impact and income, this is for you!

Using this system I had my first 6-figure year and created digital courses and a membership too!


Dotty Scott, PremiumWebsites.net

I just want to say thanks for your coaching. I made over $10k last month...my first 5-figure income month. More to come!

"$10k Per Month"

June Lyle, Primerica Financial Services

Since stepping into coaching I'm enrolling more clients at the highest investment with ease and I now look forward to sales calls.

"Higher Paying Clients"

Stacey Murphy, The Vixen Academy

What's In Store for You...

Day 1
Friday, June 14th

Claim Your Authority Advantage

You'll be encouraged and guided to dream bigger, play bigger and refuse to settle for less than you desire and deserve!
Proven, time-tested formulas integrated with today's technology and strategies position you as the "Go To" Expert people ask to buy from!

Day 2
Saturday, June 15th

Marketing, Sales & Client Acquisition 

Through our team of trusted experts combined with in-depth mastermind activities, you'll devise your winning plan to attract, engage and serve more of your ideal clients. We'll cut through the maze of overwhelm and confusion to carve out your fastest path to greater impact and increased income!

Top 3 Reasons to Attend the Legendary Level Up Mastermind

Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of the event you feel you haven't received huge value for the time and money you spent, we will refund your ticket...no questions asked.

Network & Mastermind

You'll meet high achieving professionals just like you, committed to excellence, who LOVE to support and assist each other.

Business with Heart ♥

We really care about you! We know that when you play full out and Level Up your life and your vision, YOU are happier and you're being the change you want to see in the world!

June 14th & 15th

11am to 5pm Eastern (both days)

Your Level Up Experience

Proven Strategies to Level Up Your Business, Your Life & Your Joy!

Your Level Up experience begins with Vision. Vision leads the way and sets a solid foundation to create your inspired action plan. During a series of interactive and exciting sessions, you will:

Reconnect with your Vision 
Ramp up your passion
Realize the path to transform your vision into an action plan that inspires you and the people you're here to serve.

Next, you want to take that Vision and share it with the world! During this portion of Level Up you'll be guided and have the opportunity to practice:

Develop your messaging to create a "Rally Cry" that connects with the heart of ideal clients and supporters.
Define and refine your ideal client avatar so that you understand them (maybe even better than they know themselves).
Drive engagement  so that your community becomes a powerful referral lead machine.

With your Vision clarified and amplified through magnetic messaging it's time to maximize your impact and your income.

Apply "Funnelology" to your offers and pricing  for the fastest path to cash and highest level of service to your clients.
Amplify your reach through speaking to groups.
Achieve your goals with a Vision fueled inspired action plan.

meet your trainers

Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr & Susan Wiener

These three (3) sisters, (yes, real sisters) have been leading women since 2008 to step into their greatness and fulfill their purpose and potential.

Over 26,000 people have been impacted through the mentorship, training, community and resources provided by Women's Prosperity Network.

"We share the exact system we've used to build a global brand
and that's worked for thousands of our clients."

Guest Experts Deliver PROVEN Strategies

We've selected leading experts to share their winning strategies so that you're on the fast track to increased impacts and profits!

Jo Englesson

Founder, TOFA (Token of Appreciation) and Gratitude Training

About Jo

Jo Englesson is a visionary leader and a beacon of joy and innovation, especially in the fields of transformation and technology. As the founder of TOFA (Token of Appreciation) and Gratitude Training, she has inspired over 20,000 individuals through her impactful programs. She is also the creative genius behind "Gratitude! The Show," a compelling one-woman variety show that illuminates the transformative power of gratitude and appreciation in everyday life. (Learn more...)

Dr. Sreelatha Meleth

Founder & CEO, Freeing Ourselves

Topic: Free Yourself & Change Your Story

About Sree

Dr. Sree Meleth, raised in a Hindu Nair family with diverse beliefs, embarked on a journey of faith after losing her mother tragically at 19. Over 42 years, this path evolved from tentative steps to unwavering connection, offering strength through life’s upheavals, from personal loss to global relocations.

With multiple degrees, raising accomplished children, and battling Imposter Syndrome, Sree’s purpose is clear: helping others embrace their worth. Her guided meditations and coaching reflect this mission.

Kathryn Yarborough

Creator, Manifesting Clients Academy & Vibrant Speaker Coach

Topic: Bring Your Facebook LIVES to Life!

About Kathryn

Kathryn Yarborough is a vibrant speaker coach and manifesting clients mentor for women coaches, healers, and on purpose solopreneurs. She teaches them how to manifest clients, be authentically vibrant, and grow a business they love. She’s the founder of the Manifesting Clients Academy, the creator of the Vibrant Entrepreneurs Circle, an Amazon best-selling author, and an inspirational speaker. She runs a great Facebook group called Vibrant Entrepreneurs where you’ll find tips on attracting clients and opportunities to connect with other cool solopreneurs.(Learn more...)

Dr. Patricia Rogers

Founder & CEO, Unity In Service, Inc.

Topic: Your Proven Visibility Strategy

About Dr. Pat

Dr. Patricia Rogers organizes virtual and in-person events to significantly boost your brand's visibility, products, and services and open new avenues for recognition and growth! “Unity In Service” is committed to creating speaking opportunities for business owners worldwide and takes pride in its efforts to support the global business community.

Learn more...

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What others are saying...

 If You're Ready to Step Up to Your Next Level of Greatness,
Join Us at Level Up!

More Clients at Higher pricing!

"Since stepping into coaching and taking WPN's sales training, I'm enrolling more clients at the highest investment with ease. Now I look forward to my sales calls vs being a ball of anxiety 'eager' for the sale."

Stacey Murphy

I owe so much to WPN!

"In fact, I have analyzed every single one of my direct referrals (over 75% of my business success is due to direct referrals and introduction) and every single one has somehow touched WPN. Thank you thank you thank you."

Jodi Hinkle

I Hit My Goal in 5 Months!

"I set a goal to earn $10,000 per month at Level Up and thought it would have taken me a full year to get there. Thanks to the support and systems from WPN, I hit my goal in just 5 months instead of 12!"

Stephanie DeWayne

The Legendary Level Up Experience

Level Up Your Reach, Your Impact & Your Income with a with a Rock Solid Plan!

Consistently Share Your Message with New Audiences through Podcasts & Speaking Gigs
Get Paid for Your Knowledge & Make Money While You Sleep
Nail Your Messaging to Attract Ideal Clients, Promotion Partners & Build Your Tribe
Streamline Your Marketing to Save Your Sanity & Boost Your Results

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Tickets are limited and selling fast

Virtual Workshop & Mastermind Experience

11am to 5pm Eastern (both days)











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More about Jo Englesson

Jo is the author of "Source Movement," a book outlining five principles by which to live that will create peace in our lifetime. Her journey across the U.S. as a keynote speaker has not only shared her inspiring story but also ignited a collective movement toward living a life filled with joy and gratitude.

Known as a "Creative Peacemaker," her approach to personal transformation is fun and accessible, advocating for creative solutions to global peace. Central to her philosophy is the role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in bridging personal growth with broader goals. Through fostering self-awareness, empathy, and communication, Jo's work not only transforms individuals but also contributes to their success on a global stage. She is a light in this world, and her charisma and loving heart are catalysts for change and the context for a transformed world.



More about Kathryn Yarborough

As a thriving on purpose solopreneur for over 22 years, she uses her knowledge and experience to support her clients on their entrepreneurial journeys. She launched her private practice in 2001 as a dance/movement therapist, then added manifestation coaching and integrative breathworker to her toolbox. She’s a leader and speaker in the On Purpose Woman Global Community, the past-owner of the Center for Embodied Consciousness, and a past-President of Omni Toastmasters.

Kathryn’s a divorced mom of a cool, adult son. She likes to journal, walk, do conscious breathwork, swim, and watch action-adventure movies. She lives in central Florida now but doesn’t know where she wants to live when she grows up.



Dr. Rogers’s impressive and diverse background ideally positions her to support entrepreneurs in building profitable relationships. After a distinguished career spanning 29 years in law enforcement and 12 years in the US Army, Dr. Rogers has transitioned to a new role. She now trains and empowers entrepreneurs, offering them the unique opportunity to excel in their businesses with her guidance and influence. Dr. Rogers has positioned herself as a renowned 2x International Winning Public Speaker | 2x International Best-Selling Author | Business Coach | Social Media Marketer & Event Host & Organizer.

Learn more at PatriciaRogers.com