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An Experiential Conference That Transforms Your Business & Your Life

June 7th & 8th, 2019

10am to 7pm both days (Lunch Included!)

Marriott North, 6650 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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Meet & Learn From The Best In The Game

Meet Our Speakers & Network At Our Event

We are beyond excited to bring you our latest event innovation which was created based upon what you've been asking for ...

  • MORE In-Depth Mastermind Sessions
  • VARIETY of Experts, Presenters & Thought Leaders in a NO PITCH Zone
  • INCREASED Opportunities to Collaborate and Create Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

"Illuminating Ideas"

You'll learn from and enjoy a variety of "Ted-Like" talks as well as panel discussions from these internationally acclaimed speakers, business experts and thought leaders.

Mastermind Principle: "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony." ~ Napoleon Hill

Harness the Power of Collaboration & the Mastermind

6 In-Depth, Niche Specific Mastermind Rounds

  • CREATE Clear, Actionable Plans for Fast and Lasting Results
  • DEVELOP Strategic Alliances & Joint Venture Partners for Exponential Business Growth
  • DISCOVER New Strategies and Easier Ways to Achieve Your Goals





June 7th & 8th

10am to 7pm both days (Lunch Included!)

Marriott Hotel, 6650 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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Your Hosts

As Seen On & Members Of:

Learn More About Nancy, Trish & Susan +

A movement and sisterhood of women coming together in collaboration as a massive force for positive change in the world.

Women’s Prosperity Network is a global organization founded in 2008 by three sisters (yes, real blood sisters!), Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr & Susan Wiener. Women’s Prosperity Network provides a variety of products and services and has served over 10,000 since its inception.

Women’s Prosperity Network is about growing, connecting and collaborating. Through online and offline resources, trainings, workshops and the signature monthly mastermind formula, women come together in the spirit of collaboration and co-opetition, with a commitment to excellence and sharing their gifts and talents.  This combination of community support, and WPN's training, coaching and mentoring programs, provides practical strategies to achieve anything you set your mind to do. Equipped with these tools for success, WPN members increase their capacity to lead, with stronger belief in themselves, their abilities and their mission, which allows them to fulfill their hearts’ desires, achieve their business goals and create a positive impact in the world.

Special Guests

Bert Oliva

Bert Oliva is an international orator & leadership expert. Bert focuses on helping companies and individuals tap into their greatness by teaching them leadership, communication, and improvement in their overall performance. A renowned bilingual public speaker, author, and corporate trainer, Bert has received national recognition for delivering “how to” techniques with a high-energy message; showing people how to communicate more positively to become powerful leaders. He has worked with C-Level executives and entrepreneurs to hone their skills in creating effective teams that function innovatively in pursuit of specific organizational results to build their internal leadership.

Speakers & Panelists

Speakers will be sharing their "Illuminating Ideas" in 15-Minute talks and Panel Discussions designed to enlighten, enliven and encourage your expansion in life and business.

This diverse presentation line up will provide tools, strategies and insights for claiming your best iLive moments for your business and personal growth.

June 7th & 8th

10am to 7pm (both days) LUNCH INCLUDED

Marriott Hotel, 6650 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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What other people are saying about this event innovation...

Sandra Nunes

“I flew to Florida from New York to be part of Illumination Live and it was well worth it. Not only did I come away with new partnerships and practical strategies to grow my business, I learned so much from the diverse speaker line up. Each speaker brought fresh perspectives which got me thinking outside of my box – which then opened up my own creativity and new possibilities. The entire experience was flawless and well thought out to ensure that every attendee walked away with huge value – both in their personal growth and expanding their businesses. Thank you WPN … you did it again and I’m so grateful.”

Sandra Nunes, Concierge Lifestyle
Karina Felix

“As always, WPN exceeded my expectations and I so appreciate how they cater the content and flow of the event based upon what WE most need. The new format of Illumination Live was spectacular! I especially loved being able to have in-depth mastermind and connection time and the fun, experiential games we played that brought tremendous value in understanding myself and understanding others. Thank you WPN once again for providing the space for me to soar.”

Karina Felix, IngeniousPublishers.com and KarinaGFelix.com
Sony Jackson

"Illumination LIVE is well named. It's Illuminating and LIVELY! Topics presented spark discussions and the format gave a chance for interaction and to see how you and others react under stress. Whenever I play with Nancy, Trish, Susan, and the WPN gang, I learn strategies for up-leveling my game. Whether it be through relationships built or integration of new technologies (including mindset), you're going to leave with renewed energy and strategies to take your business to the next level."

Sony Jackson, Strategic Solutions

June 7th & 8th
Marriott Hotel, 6650 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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Are you wondering ... WIIFM?

(What's In It For Me?)

6 In-Depth Mastermind Rounds

Real Results in Real Time!

We have choreographed the event to ensure that YOU get the most from this experience. What does "the most" mean for you?

  • Each Mastermind Round Connects You with NEW People. Build REAL connections that move way beyond your traditional business card drop and swap.
  • Build Your Skills & Integrate New Strategies in Your Business ON THE SPOT (no more trying to get things done on Monday when your already full to do list is trying to do you!)
  • Open Your Mind to New Possibilites & Out of the Box Strategies through the Valued Input of Your Mastermind Partners (who will give you short cuts and insights to get things done easier and faster.)

Mastermind Rounds Choreographed and Designed for MAXIMUM Impact

Panel Discussions Provide Practical Solutions

Day 1:
Claim Your iLive Best Health & Wellness

Day 2:
Realizing Your Highest Potential

Proven Strategies & Fresh Ideas to Hit All Your 2019 Goals!

The Hosts and Co-Founders of Women's Prosperity Network will share their proven recipe for marketing, sales and leadership that created and sustains this global community!

Want more clients?

We'll show you how!

Trying to nail your messaging, marketing and sales scripting to attract your ideal clients?

We'll do that too!

Want to know how to leverage your time, your assets and your team so that you have more time to enjoy your life ... as you make a big impact?

We got that for you too!

All this and more awaits when you say, "YES" and give yourself the gift of Experiencing iLive!

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Speakers & Panelists

Speakers will be sharing their "Illuminating Ideas" in 15-Minute talks and Panel Discussions designed to enlighten, enliven and encourage your expansion in life and business.

This diverse presentation line up will provide tools, strategies and insights for claiming your best iLive moments for your business and personal growth.

  • 1

    Build Your Business

    The presentations and mastermind sessions focused on building your business include:

  • Debbie Wysocki - How to Attract & Serve High-End Clients with the Luxury Touch
  • Jill Lublin - Gaining Publicity for Your Impact Message
  • Cheri Martin - Getting Social for Results (The KEY to Big ROI's on Social Media)
  • Sue Tabakas-Kritzeck - The Fascination Factor - How to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Your Unique Strengths
  • Denise Haney - Inspired Messages & Messengers
  • 2

    Build Your Wealth

    The presentations and mastermind sessions focused on building your wealth include:

  • Debra Morrison - The Savvy Female Investor: Feel the Financial Fear and Do It Anyway
  • Leslie Purdy - How to Create Riches Through Real Estate
  • Linda Fostek - Stormy Weather Ahead ... Preparation MAKES You Money
  • 3

    Build Your Leadership

    The presentations and mastermind sessions focused on building your leadership include:

  • Gail Dixon - The Language of Leadership
  • Darlyne McGee - Leading Yourself & Leading Teams (Lessons from 60 Years Behind The Chair)
  • Jane Ziglar - The Art of Life - Painting Your New Life
  • Jodi Hinkle - Promises I Made to Myself - Honor How You Lead Yourself
  • Dawn Meyer - Blastoff to Possibilities
  • 4

    Panel Discussion - Claim Your iLive Best Health & Wellness

    The health and wellness panel discussion is designed to provide you with a variety of solutions to bring maximize your physical being to fulfill your vision.

  • Jessie Faber - Your Optimal Health Blueprint
  • Karina Felix - Living the Conscious Lifestyle
  • Jennifer Bryan - Amazing Skin - How to Get It & Keep It
  • Mae Caime - Be Your Own VIP 4 Health
  • 5

    Panel Discussion - Realizing Your Highest Potential

    If you're at iLive, we know you have a calling and you're answering the call. This panel will share best practices to support you in realizing and enjoying your highest potential.

  • Dr. Renee Sunday - Be Seen Be Heard Get Paid
  • Janice Wight - Epic Wealth Mastery to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose
  • Geri Burke - Navigation for the Soul
  • Heide Gabriella - Accessing Your Inner Strength
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Event Venue

Marriott North Fort Lauderdale
6650 N Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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June 7th & 8th

10 am to 7 pm

Marriott Hotel
6650 N Andrews Ave | Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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  • Enjoy a Fulfilled Life Based On Ease, Grace & Flow

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