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Health & Wellness

Gifts for yourself, your loved ones and your home to ensure your body is operating in tip-top condition.

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Business Development

Set yourself up for success in 2023 by giving your business these gifts designed to bring you more clients.

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Personal Development

Ensure YOU are fully equipped to lead your vision and your life to new heights by developing yourself!

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Money & Finances

Money makes the world go around. Enjoy these tips from money experts to earn more, keep more and grow more!

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Health & Wellness
Serving Body, Mind & Spirit for You & Those You Love

Health & Wellness

Belly Fat Buster Master Class with Dr. Ynge

PLUS Instant Access to 4 Videos to "Tap" Away Stress, Anxiety & Fear of Failure

If you're tired of struggling and suffering with stubborn BELLY FAT, BRAIN FOG and/or BURNOUT, this class and the 4 bonus videos is for you!

Now through 12/1

Health & Wellness

Have you ever wondered how to easily use essentials oils  in practical ways in your life?

Margaret Leslie, President of the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy shares with you about 3 oils and how they can enrich your life and steer your household away from toxic chemicals.

Get 3 Free Videos on Practical Ways to Use Essential Oils Around Your Home

Health & Wellness (Make Extra Money Too)

Bring Health & Wellness to Yourself & Those You Love

And...earn extra money too!

Free Kickstart Box for New Affiliates

Now through 11/30

Health & Wellness 

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Start living the life of your dreams without binging, restricting or counting calories!

For only $1.99 you can Gift your body all it needs so you look, feel and think your best.

Corinthia Loblack
Advanced Practice RN

Now through 12/1

Health & Wellness 

3 Beautiful Essential Oil Sets for You at an Amazing 'Try Me' Price!

A wonderful Holiday treat for you or to give as a gift. 

PLUS, A Bonus with every purchase. For a limited time you receive a Customized 1:1 Session with Ilka. A perfect package. Refresh, re-energize, relax, with the restorative power of these beautiful oils. Treat yourself beautifully!

Now through 12/1

Health & Wellness 

Not Your "Average Joe" Meditations

Renewing the Truth in Your Magnificense (30 Minutes)
Clearing and Cleansing (15 Minutes)
I Am True to the Highest of Myself (5-Minutes)

Now through 12/1

Health & Wellness 

Let's Get You Seeing More Clearly Now

Have you thought, 
"Oh No, I'm Losing My Vision!"

40 Years Young, Need Readers?

Problems Driving at Night?

Course Includes: Book, Video & Audio Bundle (Normally $97)


Now through 12/1

Health & Wellness 


$150 Value!

No purchase necessary - free to enter

Health is Your Wealth

The Amazing Immunity Wellness Gift Box

Over $150 Value

Winner Selected December 1st

Health & Wellness 


Want to go from overstressed, overweight and overwhelmed to happy, healthy and feeling like a hottie?

Feel better, look better and perform better.

Complimentary Session with
Michele McHenry, RN

$297 Value - FREE FOR YOU!

Health & Wellness 

Staying Connected During the Holiday Season

Learn 3 Easy Techniques to be in Tune with this Season's Festivities

Experience these techniques privately or in a group setting on Zoom. 

Email to get your session booked!

Now through 12/30

Health & Wellness 

No More Wobble in Your Gobble!

Feeling a bit "stuffed" and sluggish?

If you're feeling stuffed after Thanksgiving, we got you covered! This 14 Day Detox with real food will allow you to release the excess weight, regain your energy, and eliminate brain fog!

Normally $97

Money & Finances
Boost Your Financial Wellness

Money & Finances

$$ Find Hidden Money in Your Books! $$

Master Class with Barbara Johnson, The Heart-Centered Accountant

It's time to put more fun into bookkeeping and what more fun is there than finding hidden money!

Live Group Training - Only $17

Paying Yourself - Ways to take salary
Breaking the Veil - Business Entitities
Income, Expenses & Deductions

Money & Finances

It's possible and we will show you how!

Double Your Profits

Cardinal Profit Academy Gives You Systems and Strategies to Generate Higher Profits

Private Profit Possibilities Discovery Session
FULL Access to Our E-Learning System with 52 Strategic Training Videos
LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Jane & Unlimited email access too!

Regularly $95/month

Now Only $25

Money & Finances

Know Your Number$ and Grow Your Busine$$

Live Know Your Numbers Master Class & One Month of "Money Dates" Get It Done Bookkeeping Program

Wrap up your 2022 powerfully, understand your numbers, be ready for your Accountant to do your taxes and control your cash in a Fun and Easy way!

Just $11

($294 Value)

Personal Development
Gifts for You Enjoy Even More of Life!

Personal Development

Start the New Year Right

Let Roanne show you how to take consistent action over 30 days to build your momentum into 2023.

Get the 30-Day Take Action Challenge for $27 and you'll get a bonus 60 minute coaching session to solidify your results ($200 value)

Just $27

($200 Value)

Personal Development

Get Happy & Stay Happy Now!

Get your signed copy of "How to Get and Stay Happy" (while supplies last)


a Bonus Confidential Transformational Session so that you live a life you desire and deserve!

Just $11

($275 Value)

Personal Development


I'm Doing the Giving...

Celebrate with Angeline Gillings


Download the
e-Business Magazine 

"Wings to Soar"

Business Nuggets, Information, Motivational Tips, Fun Activities

Personal Development

It's Just a Phase 

Discover how to harness the power of the Moon's phases in your favor!

Carol Pilkington
Spiritual Counselor, ORDM
Astrologer, Best-Selling Author, Speaker

Find out the best moon cycle to take action.
Understand the difference between the waxing moon vs. the waning moon.
The full moon is at its most luminous, find out what that means for you.

4-Video Series on Moon Cycles & Why You Want to Pay Attention (Value $49)

Personal Development

Raise Your Vibration
Mind, Body & Soul

Are you looking to add meaning and substance to your life?
Are you ready to optimize your health and learn to master your mind?
Do you seek higher personal growth and deeper spiritual connection?

Join us for the launch on January 7th
Kick Off Your New Year with Peace & Power

Sale Ends 12/1

Personal Development

Shift That Stress Now!

The Stress Relief Handbook

by Denise Garrett
The Courage Whisperer

How to Shift from Anxious, Overwhelmed & Stressed Out to Peaceful, Relaxed & Confident!

This self-paced, 39-page handbook is packed with exercises that guide you through 3 Key Areas involved in alleviating worry, anxiety and stress. 

Regular Price $16.58

Now Only $1.99!

Personal Development

Reduce Anxiety Surrounding Family Gatherings

Spending time with your family during the Holidays can be something to look forward to!

with Dr. Janice Hooker Fortman
Relationship Coach | TV Show Host

Keep your family gatherings friendly and conflict free!

FREE Online Class

Personal Development

Chaos to Clarity 
Finding Balance from Overwhelm!

Get your free eBook to implement simple tips to ease the daily chaos, stress and overwhelm of caregiving for your aging parents so that you can focus on YOUR self-care and keep calm and healthy.

with Janie Becker, The Encourager

Replace Your Overwhelm with Joy

FREE eBook

Personal Development

What Turns Your Up?

When life turns you upside down, here are some ways to turn yourself right side up!

eBook "What Turns You Up" - Natural ways to raise your vibration
3 Audios to release low vibrations of fear, uncertainty and grief

with Jewana White
Spiritual Holistic Teacher

Boost your energy, relieve pain and stress and turn up the joy!

Get The Turn Up Bundle Only $9

Personal Development

Put the Law of Attraction Into Action

Create Your Digital Dream Board for 2023

Two Dates:
December 3rd or December 28th

Kathy Basel
Transformational Life Coach
 & Energy Healer

Join Kathy for this fun and creative session to activate your dream board and consciously create the life you want for 2023.

Digital Dreamboard Playshop Only $11

Personal Development

Madeleine's Unique 7-Card Empowerment Reading

Lets you breakthrough invisible barriers so you know yourself or your client better. 

Expand your choices
Free your life energy

Knowledge is power, self-knowledge and love empowers everyone

A One-of-a-Kind Unique YOU Empowerment Reading

Sale Ends 12/2

$250 Value

Personal Development

Have you had enough of not being good enough?

Learn the 3 Secrets to Being More than Enough!

Master Class with Marina on 12-3

Boost your self-image, improve your relationships with yourself and others to become unstoppable and empowered…and, who wouldn’t want that?!?

Act Now…Sign up for Marina’s master class and get a signed copy of her book, her workbooks, and wait, there’s more…plus a 45-minute private coaching session for only $27.00! (a $300.00 value)

$300 Value

Personal Development

Do you want to get off the hamster wheel and be more...

Present in your life?

Are you:

Tired of being stuck in the same place?
Stressed about your lack of focus and clarity?
Feeling overwhelmed by looming deadlines?

$297 Value

Personal Development

Last Wishes 'N Support

Surviving the 
Business of Dying


"In the middle of it"
Afraid of what family will say
Wondering where to begin

Workbook Intro Class & Companion Workbook

Personal Development

Before it's too late...

Celebrate the people you love and

Create Priceless Legacy Letters that

Share the stories... memories... wisdom... and love that help your family legacy live on

Say It Now:
The Important Things

A Guidebook for Creating Legacy Letters to Celebrate Those You Love

Personal Development

You Create Business Plans. Why Not Create a Holiday Plan?

What do you love most about the holidays? What causes stress?

Heal and re-frame your holiday story and create a new one with Ann Puglisi's "Light Up Your Holidays Plan"

Now Only $7

Personal Development

Discover Your Dazzle

Become Even More Charismatic

Complement your confidence by becoming more charismatic through this easy-to-use program. Sue TK guides your mastery of charisma and confidence so that you have even more of the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor working for you.

10 Videos, 10 Audios

eBook & Workbook

$97 Value

Holiday Special Only $17

Personal Development

It's a Girls Thing

Holiday Event
December 16th 
1pm to 3pm Eastern

Just like every Luke Skywalker that needs an Obi Wan Kenobi to tell him that there’s a thing called the Force!

Every "Girl need a friend to tell them that they don’t have to do things alone and that they have a friend who cares.

Join us for a fun after noon and energize yourself with messages from all our Princesses, This is For all the young at heart and the "Girl" inside of you.

Regular Price $25

Holiday Special Only $5

Personal Development

Don't just "get through" the Holidays
ENJOY Precious Moments

Compassion Meditation to Reduce the Stress that Comes with the Season

PLUS Experience a Bonus Clarity Session with Vanessa Donaldson

$47 Value

Holiday Special Only $7

Sale Ends 12/2

Business Development
Give Your Business Gifts to Grow!

Business Development - Level Up with WPN

If you're on a mission to reach more people
And have more impact and income, this is for you!
It's time to Level Up in 2023 & Beyond 

Now Only $49

Sale Ends 11/28

Business Development

Clients Are Waiting for You on LinkedIn

Live Training with Laura Barker, JD
Learn the Proven Strategies that Will Get You More Leads & Clients on Linked In

PLUS Instant Access to Templates to Start Maximizing LinkedIn Leads Now

Now Only $7

Normally $37
Sale Ends 11/29

Business Development

Write Your Book Today Workshop

Writing your book immediately positions you as an expert in your field.  

Get known, get visible, and get booked.

Grow your business by writing your book today.

Regularly $197
Use Code: special

Business Development

Become a Public Speaking Powerhouse!

This Guide will empower you with the tools to create Your Authentic Messaging to Attract Your Ideal Clients, Create and Deliver Magnetic Presentations, Know How to Keep Your Audience Engaged, and The Top Public Speaking Tips to Calm Nerves and Speak like a Pro on any subject and any platform! 

Claudia Rocafort
Executive Business Coach,
Entrepreneur & Actress

Get Your Guide for Only $17
($97 value)
Only Until December 14th

Business Development

No More "Lost" Leads" Most Powerful Marketing Tool Is In Your Hands

Scan the WR code or...Go to
(scroll down to the small print that says: Try Shuffle for Free! 1 Business Card)
Fill in the blanks

Business Development

Expand Your Visibility with Brand Essence

Understanding your Brand Essence and how to show up for your ideal clients will give you more confidence and help you position your business as the BEST option. And the great news? 

You can work with brand essence at ANY level of business… and whether you have a logo and website or NOT!

Take the Quiz and Download Your Brand Essence Activator for FREE!

Offer Expires 12/31/22

Business Development


with Dr. Patricia Rogers
Visibility Strategist

Online Training
December 2nd

Holiday Special

Only $15

Business Development

Finally Check Email Marketing Off Your
To Do List

Janet K. Fish
Breakaway Business Profit Coach

Get my best performing email campaigns. Don't start from scratch - Just get it DONE!

Holiday Special

Only $11

Business Development

Me, Myself & I, Inc.

How to Profit When You Are a One-Person Sales Team

Learn how to communicate your value
Move from "Pleased to meet you" to "Thank you for your business"
Move from Wait to WOW in your sales conversations

When you know how to'll never be broke!

Get Access to this Revenue Generating Training for Only $47

$299 Value

Business Development

Video Marketing Bundle

Video Marketing should be a strategy availabile to everyone - even tech-challenged people. This bundle of training is all about using video in your marketing

Terrified of using video
Want to learn the basics so you can use video marketing in your business
Need ideas for when and where to use video
Gain the confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Now Only $20 ! ! !

$150 Value

Business Development

Advertising for 3 Months  Only $27

Expand Your Visibility, Recognition & Reach
Advertise in METALifestyle Magazine

Community Resource Guide Listing

Thumbnail Head Shot
Contact Info
Short Business Description

Now Only $27

$150 Value

Business Development

Do you want to LOVE your business in 2023?

If you don’t have as many clients as you want, don’t feel as fulfilled as you’d like, or aren’t making as much money as you need, isn’t it time to grow the business your heart longs for?!? 

Get your copy of Kathryn Yarborough's I LOVE MY BUSINESS! Epic Story Business Workbook Now

Now Only $3.99

Business Development


Podcast Guests are seen as Subject Matter Experts. Podcasts are a popular marketing tool and one of the best ways to get your brand in front of a new audience. 

This ebook puts into perspective the thinking about the host on the other end of your interview. Learn how to prepare to wow the audience with your expertise. 

Get The 3 Principles of Being An Effective Podcast Guest Today 

Now Only $9.99

Business Development


Remove Confusion and Create Your Messaging and Marketing with Confidence!

Meet twice monthly on Zoom with “the Duchess,” Peg Duchesne, who is known as “The Message Therapist.”  Peg massages the words so you hit your mark with your messaging and marketing! 

Try it for only $11

Business Development

Timed Writing Test

Let's face it - the real reason you are not writing your book is because you think it's going to take too long. 

Join me online and I'll guide you through the easy steps to figure out how long it will take PLUS give you guidance in getting your book done with ease and flow.

Join The Time Writing Test with PeggyLee

Business Development

Ready to Choose Transformative Innovation-Fueled Success in 2023?


Join Our GIS Innovation Adventure Weekly Challenges to kickstart you into high gear for 2023 and beyond. You’ll learn tips, techniques, and tools which enable you to break through self-imposed barriers and CRUSH your personal, professional, and business goals using time-tested approaches to getting you out of your self-imposed “box” and thriving! 

Special holiday pricing of $27
 (70% off) per challenge!

Business Development

Learn the Secrets of Making Money While You Sleep!

Everyone has the ability to build a sales funnel to bring new leads, appointments, and money into their business....if you know the right actions to take and you choose the right guide.

With this "getting started" checklist, you can more easily achieve your goals so that 2023 will surpass your highest expectations, without adding more to your "to do" list.

Funnel Success Checklist & BONUS Call with Your Funnel Godmother

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