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PLUS ... When you become a Gold Member, you give another woman, in a developing country, a sewing machine so that she can her start her own business, feed her family and expand her opportunities through our affiliation with B1G1 "Business for Good" (Learn More)

► Gold MonthlyOnly $19.95 per month
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  • Admission to Illumination Live! Our 2-Day Mastermind Extravaganza ($497 Value)
  • One-on-One Strategy Session with Master Coach ($500 Value)
  • Admission to the Legendary 2-Day Level Up Workshop ($97 Value)

More than a networking group, Women's Prosperity Network is a community of inspired women committed to creative collaboration, extraordinary results and prosperity for all!


Extensive Gold Member Benefits Include:

Benefit #1  - Monthly Mastermind & Group Coaching Call

  • Get Answers, Find Resources and BE A Resource!
    WPN Founders lead this monthly group coaching and mastermind call where supportive, brilliant business women come together to source solutions. Choose from 2 different sessions each month (or attend both). (Value $1,200)

Benefit #2  - Immerse Yourself in the Prosperity Mindset & Culture

  • Ongoing Conversations, Education & Support for Your Prosperity Consciousness
    Weekly Live Teleclass featuring today's leading business experts and thought leaders. Your mid-week boost of motivation, education and inspiration. (Past guests include: Jack Canfield, Sharon Lechter, Loral Langemeier, Dr. John Demartini.)

Benefit #3  - Instant Access to 4 Powerful Audio Trainings!

  • Client Attraction Marketing & Networking Solutions
    Four powerful audios designed to get you moving in the right direction...doing more of what you love and having the money follow! (Value $80)
  • "How to Be a Client Attraction Magnet" by Nancy Matthews (WPN Co-Founder)
  • "What Do You Desire? How to Get What You Really Want" by Trish Carr (WPN Co-Founder)
  • "Stop Chasing Clients! The Top 5 Causes of Stress and Frustration in Filling Your Funnel (and the Solutions Too!)" by Nancy Matthews (WPN Co-Founder)
  • "Scale & Leverage - Systems & Structure to Expand Your Reach & Your Impact!" by Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr & Susan Wiener (WPN Co-Founders a/k/a "The Sisters")

Benefit #4  - Get More Exposure - Expand Your Reach

  • Promote Your Business & Elevate Your Brand
    Exclusive Facebook Group for Gold Members
    Gold Members Only Forum to share ideas, events, find joint venture and marketing partners and source solutions. (Value $500)

Benefit #5  - No More Stacks of Business Cards on Your Desk!

  • Finally Follow Up Is Easy!
    Let us be your typist. We give you an excel spreadsheet with the contact info of everyone in attendance at the events you attend. Save time and say goodbye to that growing mound of business cards on your desk. Applies only to monthly mastermind workshops and select networking events and not Conferences.)

Benefit #6  - Listing on the WPN Mobile App!

  • Be Found & Increase SEO Rankings
    Members do business with Members! Your listing in the Mobile App makes it easy for people to find you. Automatically links to phone calls and email contact for you

Benefit #7  - Extensive e-Resource Library

  • Solutions & Answers at Your Fingertips
    Extensive e-Resource Library...Looking for an answer? You'll find it here! Marketing, Sales, Prosperity Mindset, Overcoming Objections, Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Business Success Strategies

Benefit #8 - Members Save $$$

  • Exclusive Member Discounts & In the Know Specials
    Get big savings on WPN events, programs and products. PLUS..we take care of our own and always get you the best pricing on other programs as a WPN Member. Some of our members have save thousands of dollars at other peoples' events ... and you can too!

Benefit #9 - Giving & Making a Difference Made Easy

  • Helping You Create More Impacts in Our World ... Than You Ever Imagined Possible
    Women's Prosperity Network is proud to be part of the B1G1 Global Giving campaign. For every Gold Membership purchased, we donate a percentage to projects and causes that positively impact women and children. As a Gold Member you'll have the opportunity to cast your vote on the impact project every quarter.

2nd Quarter 2019 Giving Project

Providing Sewing Machines for Women

Become a Member Today

Extensive Member Benefits and a Variety of Membership Levels Designed to Meet You Where You're At and Keep You Growing Every Step of the Way!

► Gold MonthlyOnly $19.95 per month
► Gold Annual$200 per year

plus one-time enrollment fee of $50 for New Members

Lifetime MembershipOne Time Payment of $750

Prosperity, Success & Significance 

Through our community, women are coming together in ways that are rarely experienced. It’s the type of community – more of a family really, where women are here to claim their best lives for themselves and support other women in doing the same. It’s a family where …

  • You're eager to see your friends and colleagues reach their goals and succeed without feeling threatened or competitive.
  • Everyone knows that there is more than enough for all of us and a place where everyone gets to receive and enjoy the rich rewards we all desire and deserve.
  • You know that in celebration and sharing of our successes with each other the opportunity for even more success is created.

Bring Your Visions to Life
Increase Your Impact & Your Reach
Achieve Extraordinary Results &
Celebrate with Women Who've Got Your Back!

"The WPN Community, ideology, the leaders and their vision have profound value to anyone wanting to enrich their lives and their business.  I am so grateful to be part of the WPN community.  And, I LOVE the Monthly Group Coaching Calls!  Always so much value and so good to connect with my WPN sisters.”

Jodi Darren

  • Clarify & Crystalize Your Goals Through Ongoing Masterminding, Mentoring & Coaching
  • Do What You Love & Have the Money Follow with Passion, Purpose & Prosperity
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve with the Best Marketing & Sales Strategies from Industry Experts
  • Be Surrounded by Like-Mind & Like-Spirited Women All Going for More AND Supporting & Celebrating Each Other Every Step of the Way

Experience the WPN Difference...

"People always ask me how I connect to so many amazing leaders in the world. As the owner of two award-winning veterinary hospitals, I know the importance of power partnerships and I enjoy networking with global leaders. Sandra is a global leader that I've known for years and I trust in her ability to connect professionals for a higher purpose and to mastermind. I chose to join WPN California to become part of this diverse and dynamic group of individuals passionate about making an impact in the world! This is a fun group of powerhouse leaders and I am honored to be part of it."

Lee Richter, CEO

"This is a fabulous group of women who are on the quest to achieving their goals and reaching out a hand to support others to do likewise.  The monthly group coaching and mastermind calls are like having my own Board of Directors to meet with each month that keeps my business moving forward."

Yvonne A. Jones
Online Marketing Strategist

"This is a powerful group of women and a powerful process for networking and improving your game, no matter what your game is."

Kathryn Hathaway, Founder & Attorney

Become a Member Today

Extensive Member Benefits and a Variety of Membership Levels Designed to Meet You Where You're At and Keep You Growing Every Step of the Way!

► Gold MonthlyOnly $19.95 per month
► Gold Annual$200 per year

plus one-time enrollment fee of $50 for New Members

Lifetime MembershipOne Time Payment of $750

Be Real, Get Real & Achieve Real Results with WPN!

What's YOUR Passion?
What's Your Vision? Your Mission?
Where Do You Want to Grow Next?

Our Community and Your WPN Membership...
Designed to Grow With You Every Step of the Way!

laronda robinson"Before WPN my unfocused passion was unsettling to every area of my life.  Through the coaching, masterminding and accountability I receive through WPN, I’ve been shown how to clarify my vision to a laser beam focus. I’m thrilled to say that my vision is now a reality.  Vision for Jamaica, Inc. is an all volunteer initiative and is up and running and we’re already equipping children in schools to be successful through computer coding.  Being a Lifetime Member and part of the coaching program will reap benefits far beyond the cost for years to come.” ~ LaRonda Robinson, Vision for Jamaica

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