The thing about white privilege is that white people don’t see it. “White privilege” doesn’t mean your life hasn’t been hard, it simply means that your skin color isn’t one of the things making it harder. This series is meant to share experiences of real people who have experienced racism and still experience it. The goal is to shine a light so that we ALL see it and take actionable steps to do something about it.

Khady Koroma-Thiombiano is an Entrepreneur, Nursing Consultant, Empowered Mindset Consultant, Public Speaker, and Founder of Faith Heath Works, Inc. Khady is an RN and BSN holder and has been successful in her field of nursing. She has served as a nurse leader for over 20 years. Khady’s expertise is focused on burnout and stress that most professionals experience during their nursing occupation. She decided to become an “Empowerment Mindset Coach” for women in her zone of genius. She takes pride in assisting individuals to achieve maximum results in the management of stress and burnout.

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