Guest Geri Burke

This week Geri Burke will share how our navigation system works and aligning our spiritual nature to this system we can focus on receiving from source, connecting with possibilities and allowing creation in our lives so that we can rise to a higher consciousness and live the life we were meant to live.

We are each given everything we need to navigate our lives using the GPS system provided to us by God/Source.  By using our physical body, our conscious mind and our energetic spirit (chakras) we can receive guidance from God and His angels the same way the GPS guidance system on our phones receives guidance from the GPS satellites. 

The primal connection between our emotions and our endocrine system controls the fight/flight/freeze and rest/digest phases of our autonomic nervous system. But sometimes fearful events in our lives (especially if experienced as a child and over a period of time) can damage the autonomic nervous system causing a disconnect and leaving us in a hypervigilant state, hyperalert and always preparing for danger. 

After two master’s degrees in engineering and over 20 years developing navigation-guidance systems for companies like Motorola, L3-Harris and Northrop Grumman, Geri experienced a 3rd degree heart block and a sudden cardiac arrest due to an autonomic system collapse.  She crossed over the veil, saw the face of God and remembered the truth of what she was meant to do.  She was told “you must go back, you have work to do”.

After returning, she developed a method to help others reconnect with their navigation system so that they can receive the guidance to become the person they were meant to be and to take the action steps needed to live their best life.

Now Geri Burke is an author, a speaker and a coach that specializes in helping women re-create their lives.  Her book “Navigation for the Soul: Your Guide on the Path from Darkness to Light” outlines her method and the message she has been told to share with the world.

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