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Now You Can Love Selling & Feel Great About Every Interaction

The Prosperity Accelerator Sales System for Heart-Centered, Impact-Focused Entrepreneurs 

Sales Scripts, Templates & Playsheets
6 Weeks of In-Depth Interactive Training & Practice Sessions
Shift Your Mindset to Release All Those "Yukky" Feelings About Sales!

The Prosperity Accelerator Sales System

Your Predictable, Proven Path to Prosperity!

Sales Scripts

Entire Sales Scripts to Guide You Step-by -Step from "Hello, nice to meet you" all the way to "and how would you like to pay for that?"

Practice Sessions

Practice your sales conversations in a safe, supportive environment and get on the spot coaching to enhance your skills.


Apply "Funnelology" to your programs and services so that you earn more and serve more!

Expand Your Vision

Master NLP Practitioner, Nancy Matthews, supports you in shifting your mindset, expanding your vision and opening up your ability to receive even more!

Templates & Tools

Each lesson comes with resources and guides that you can use over and over again. We don't just give you a fish ... we teach you to fish!  Here's just a few of the tools you'll get with the program:

Overcoming Objections Handbook
Sales Scripts for All Types of Conversations
Identifying Your Niche Market and the Language THEY Use
Creating Your "Boom Factor Flow" for Ongoing Sales

Give Us 6 Weeks & We'll Show You the PROVEN PATH to Making More Sales & Having Fun While You Do It!

Program Begins: May 12th

Increase Your Sales by SERVING More People & Getting Paid More to Do It

Note: This course is only offered twice a year. Do you really want to wait six months to be earning the money you desire and deserve?

Our Community Loves Our System
Because It Feels So Good & Creates REAL RESULTS!

Cheri Martin, WCN Interactive

Christina Stuart, Soul Alignment Activator

Patricia Rogers, Unity In Service

Sandra Nunes, Growing with Sandra

Sally DiCesare, Your Blissful Journey

Lisa Perez, HBL Resources, Inc.

If you are ready to have ...

More Clients

Have a steady flow of clients ASKING to do business with you

More Money

Receive the money, rewards and fulfilment of serving MORE people in a powerful, positive way

More Joy

Stop the madness and frustration you're experiencing

Then it's time to say, "YES, I'm In!"

Here's What You'll Get with The Prosperity Accelerator Sales System

Your Predictable, Proven Path to Prosperity!

Weekly *LIVE* Zoom Sessions Begin on Wednesday, May 12th at 6pm ET | 3pm PT

Can't make a class? We've got your back!

All classes will be recorded and provided to you. Plus, you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the training so you can re-listen any time you want.

Every Week You'll Have: 

Skillset Training - Audio, Video and Worksheets
Mindset Shifting - Keeping you in a positive state of inspiration vs. desperation when it comes to sales
Ongoing Support & Accountability - Through our private Facebook group you'll get access to Nancy & Trish (and each other) to keep your mojo going and get answers when you need them
Bonus Friday Fun Day Celebration & Practice Session - We'll meet again on Friday afternoons for "Happy Hour" to celebrate wins, answer questions and practice, practice, practice!
Lesson Training Module - Guiding you step-by-step through the impact-focused sales system
Group Discussion, Coaching and Q & A - Giving you on the spot answers and coaching to support you
Practice Round in Small Groups - You'll continuously gain confidence and momentum with your talking and LISTENING skills
Intention Setting, Action Items & Accountability for the Week - Clearly defining your desired outcomes for both yourself and "The One's" you'll be serving

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn

Module 1
Set Yourself FREE to LOVE Sales 

We begin by identifying and breaking through whatever may be holding you back from loving sales and having the money you deserve. We know you love to serve and it's time to open the space for more receiving. We'll show you how to release what doesn't serve you, get clear on who you serve and what you offer (reviewing your pricing and offers) and show you how to have enough time to be with people who will be delighted to pay for your expertise.

Module 2
How to Ask the RIGHT Questions

We've all heard the way to make more sales is to LISTEN, but it's not just pain listening that will cause people to ask how they can work with you. It's the ART of listening for the cues and clues that reveal what's really going on in their lives that you can make a difference in. You'll get clear and confident in knowing what your prospects true desires are, what they're saying and what they're not saying so that you can position yourself to serve them.

Module 3
Scripts - From "Hello" to Payment 

This session drills down on the different types of conversations you'll be having so that whether you're talking to a cold prospect, a warm one or a hot lead, you'll have the rhythm and flow that inspires them to want to work with you. We'll also cover conversations for strategic alliances, referrals and referral partners so that you make the most of every conversation.

Module 4
Clear Blocks to Selling

*SPECIAL GUEST* - Barry Auchettl - "The Block Buster"

We've invited international block buster, Barry Auchettl, to join us for this session where he will clear your blocks to selling. (Oooh you're going to love the enhanced results this creates!)

Plus, we'll take take to review the first 3 modules to set you up for lasting success and prosperity.

Module 5
Packaging, Pricing & Proposals

This session guides you through the intricacies of packaging, pricing and proposals so that you create easy yes opportunities for people to work with you.

You'll also be guided through the winning system for submitting proposals.

Module 6
Sales Systems for Scaling

Right now you may be the only one making sales calls and we know you'd LOVE to have someone else filling your schedule with qualified leads. This session will show you how to set up a system to add people to your team for follow up calls, appointment setters and closers who have your heart and spirit so that you can spend your time focusing in your genius of serving your clients.

Course Summary

6 In-Depth Online Classes (90 Minutes Each) - Guiding you through the step-by-step, predictable system for increased cash flow and...loving it every step of the way!
Ongoing Accountability & Support - We're here with you throughout the course to answer questions and celebrate your successes.
Templates & Tools - Each lesson comes with resources that you can use over and over again.
Clear Blocks to Selling - Release thoughts and beliefs about sales that is holding you back from serving more people and earning more money.

Instant Access Resources

5-Minute Meditation to Boost Your Energy & Attitude for Sales & Follow Up Calls
Sales Artistry Video Training - 7-Minute Video Gives You the Recipe for Making More Sales Without Being Salesy
12-Step Follow Up eBook - Your Guide to Easy & Joyful Follow Up
Conversation Marketing Audio Training - It Really IS Just a Conversation. Learn to Master Your Conversations for Great Results

PLUS...These 5 Super Bonuses!

*LIVE* 2-Day Interactive Sales & Marketing Boot Camp

This live event adds to your sales and marketing skills by giving you the opportunity to practice and actually SELL in real time with other participants. You'll also learn the most current and effective marketing strategies to attract even more qualified leads. (Date TBD)

How to Sell from Stage - The Business of Speaking 2-Day Workshop

The only behind the scenes training that focuses on presentation and sales skills PLUS the keys to using speaking as a business tool to leverage your time, talent and opportunities. You will learn the secrets of influence and persuasion in an authentic, non-salesy way so you see how making money and making a difference work beautifully together.

Ditch the Pitch! Mastering Your Sales Track (Audio training)

In this training, master of communication, Trish Carr, shows you how to throw out your textbook sales pitch and create sales messaging that's in perfect alignment with your values and your customers.

The Secrets to Selling Without Being Salesy (Audio training)

One of the common challenges we hear is, "I know I need to sell more, but I don't want to be salesy or pushy." If that's you, then you're going to gain huge benefit from this training where we share the secrets to getting people to ask to buy from you - rather than you having to sell them.

It's Just a Conversation: What to Say and How to Say It In Business (pdf Book)

When you speak, especially in business, speak as if your life depends on it, because it does. What you say and how you say it can make the difference between you getting what you want - or not. Your communication is the grease that keeps your business engine going. It's the one skill that makes the greatest difference between success and failure. Whether it's getting a client, forging a partnership, coaching an employee, enrolling team members in your vision or asking for a raise, it all starts with a conversation.

Let's Do This!
Making Your Mantra & Your Truth...

"I work with wonderful people,
in wonderful ways for wonderful pay!"

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Enrollment Closes at Midnight on May 11th

Note: This course is only offered twice a year.
Do you really want to wait six months to be earning the money you desire and deserve?

Money Back Guarantee

Yes, that's right. If you take this program and do not find value after participating in the classes and doing the activities, we will return your money, no questions asked. 

See what Other are Saying About This Profit Producing Program

Since stepping into coaching and taking the sales training, I'm enrolling more clients (at the highest investment) with ease. Now, I look forward to my sales calls vs being a ball of anxiety "eager" for the sale.

The magic phrase, "What would you like to get from our time today?" has made a world of difference and why I continue with the WPN trainings!

Stacey Murphy


I'm in a brand-new business and within 4 days of the training I earned $3,000 in services to brand new clients with confidence and ease.

This works! And it feels soooooooo good!

Christina Stuart

Christina Stuart Photography & Soul Alignment Activator

Right after our FIRST CALL, I reached out to 2 past clients and offered them to join my next blueprint for success program and one paid on the spot!

Then a few days later ... ANOTHER PAID CLIENT for my upcoming One Day Online Retreat!

Nina Recarey Obier


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