It’s World Gratitude Day … a day for people around the globe to ramp up their feelings of appreciation and love. Just imagine the collective love buzz we can contribute to when we put just a little more thought and intention into how we will experience this day and how our energy contributes to the world.

Every day we are given the amazing gift of the present and we get to choose how we will open and receive this gift. Here are 3 simple steps to feel more love and appreciation and contribute to making your corner of the world and the world at large a a more loving, peaceful place.

  1. Right now STOP and think of just 1 person or thing you are grateful for. Now go deeper and think about all the reasons why you are grateful for this. FEEL the love as you tap into your emotion of true appreciation.
  2. Next you get to CHOOSE and intentionally bring THIS FEELING into the rest of your day (and all your days actually). See yourself greeting people you meet and speak with on the phone with this essence of love and appreciation … with a feeling of excitement that you get to be with them in this one particular and precious moment in time. See every interaction as an opportunity to be an Agent of Love and Appreciation.
  3. Share this post! We need more Agents of Love and Appreciation in the world and you have the power to expand the ripple.

I know, firsthand that even the best of intentions can get thrown off course as challenges or “challenging” people cross our paths throughout the day. And, as emotional beings we are designed to feel the full rainbow of emotions. The key to being an Agent of Love is to recognize when you’re feeling something other than love (such as fear, worry, doubt, anger, blame, shame) and then explore why you may be feeling that way. Doing this self-exploration to gain understanding of why you reacted or are feeling the way you are. Once we understand why fear, anger or worry entered our being, we can choose our course of emotional reaction.

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