Dr. Melissa Balizan When her voice was being silenced, her body started mimicking. For years Dr. Melissa played by the rules, coloring in the lines speaking up from time to time only to be shut down over and over.  She continued to tolerate this as though it was normal, what she didn’t realize is that her body was starting to become constricted.   As symptoms appeared, Dr. Melissa, being a healthcare practitioner, followed the steps and proceeded to see multiple physicians only to be told we’ve never seen this before, we don’t know what it is.  She had systems in place to manage her stress and still her symptoms progressed.  Finally after searching for four years she found a physician who diagnosed her and she needed to have surgery to open the stenosis.  Dr. Melissa’s life’s mission is to save lives by reducing chronic conditions and reducing stress and make others aware that stress can kill.  


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