Jaclyn Zoccoli joins us for the Be Real, Get Real Podcast as we dive deep into the art of creating real connections. The frustration of spending hours networking on virtual platforms without a return in investment, is the pinnacle of what Jacque Zoccoli has experienced for years. So often people interact, spout their services to buy, and yet never really listen or connect heart to heart. This has frustrated Jacque for about 35 years, with networking on the whole. Listen as she takes that lament into solution and thus builds her passion around it. From Peace Corps in Africa to mentoring in 10 countries, Jaclyn applies the Excitement of Awareness concept to whomever she meets. That Awareness allows business people to see their value, focus, and alliance possibilities, then through a magnetic LinkedIn profile and a strategy they are able to attract and ENGAGE profitable alliances. That Awareness ignites resources and paths of fulfillment for youth globally. Clarity defines her, in her quest for increasing love, prosperity and peace. She has been an Arizona resident for 8 years, and is happily married for 42 years, with 9 of 11 grandchildren living in Arizona.

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