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  • Friday,
    March 20th

    Mastermind Workshop & Luncheon
  • March 26th-28th
    Speaking for Fun & Profit!
    How to 2x, 3x or Even 10X Your Revenue

Speaking for Fun & Profit!

How to 2x, 3x or Even 10x Your Sales

The Business of Speaking Intensive Training & 3-Day Boot Camp

  • Learn the proven formula for delivering high converting presentations without being salesy!
  • Learn the secrets every speaker uses to overcome fear and anxiety.
  • 2x, 3x or even 10x your income leveraging the power of speaking to groups AND closing sales!
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions to Monetize Your Message; create products for digital delivery and online marketing as well as packaging of product.
  • Build your confidence, credibility and cash flow!
  • Be seen as a leader in the community and improve communication in every situation.
trisha falzone"I spoke to a group 1 week prior to this workshop and barely made a contact and certainly no sales.  Then, 1 week AFTER this workshop I closed 40% of the room! CHA CHING! With some simple techniques and the solid structure you'll learn in this class, there isn't anything you won't be confident speaking about.  This workshop has skyrocketed my personal confidence and helped me grow my business." Trisha Falzone, Natural Body Works Spa & Boutique
gladys"This Speaker Training was EXTRAOrdinary!  Based upon what I learned, during my practice close it was so inviting, that I even made sales while I was in the bootcamp.  Since then I've had several speaking engagements and my closing ratio is through the roof.  If you want to have more influence and make more money, this training is priceless!" ~ Gladys Diaz, Heart's Desire International.

Get Instant Access to Training Materials & Start Monetizing Your Message, Gifts and Talents Now.

3-Day Bootcamp Offered Twice Per Year
(additional trainings added based upon demand)
Upcoming Speaker Bootcamps:
March 26-29 (Long Island, New York)
April 16-18 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

In-Depth Course Materials Delivered INSTANTLY!

  • 5 Deadly Sins Public Speakers Make AND How to Avoid Them
  • How to Make Money As a Speaker
  • 3 Ways to Fill Your Pipeline with Qualified Leads
  • Developing and Creating Products Based Upon Your Unique Message
  • How to Create Captivating Copy to Inspire Your Buyer
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Digital Products (audios, mp3’s, CD’s, ebooks)
Tasha ChenThank you Nancy & Trish, the materials delivered with the course are invaluable.  I was running late preparing for a presentation and then remembered to take out the Presentation Formula worksheet you gave us.  Within 15 minutes I was ready to go and I delivered a powerful and inspiring presentation." ~ Tasha Chen, Science of Getting Rich Academy

Even seasoned veterans who have been speaking for years benefit from this training:

jeanne"I had been giving presentations for years and then hired Nancy as my coach.  She not only helped me get my presentation perfect, I ended up with 5 clients that day – that is $2,500 and there were only 20 people in the group.  If you want better results from your presentations, call Nancy as fast as you can, she’s fantastic.” ~ Jeanne Vandermeer, Handwriting Analyst


Speaker Profitizer! Make Money Speaking NOW!
Discounted 60+%

The Business of Speaking Training &  3-Day Bootcamp
Retail Investment $2,495

Early Bird Special ... Save Up to 70%

  • March 26, 27 & 28
  • 9 am to 6 pm (Each Day)


Courtyard by Marriott

5000 Express Drive South

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Speaking for Fun & Profit $2,495
Early Bird Special (Members) $895

Start Making More Money Now!
Gain Instant Access to the Course Materials Upon Registration!

Speaker Training
Save Over 70%
Now Only $895
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Speaking for Fun & Profit $2,495
Early Bird Special (Non-Members) $995

Start Making More Money Now!
Gain Instant Access to the Course Materials Upon Registration!

Speaker Training
Save Over 60%
Now Only $995
get access now

The 2-Day Level Up Workshop

The Proven, Results Driven 7-Step Process
Expert Content Integrated with Masterminding for Accelerated Implementation!

Have the Structure, Support & Proven Plan to Continuously Increase Your Revenue & Your Joy!

Through a combination of small group coaching, masterminding and advances strategies for Marketing, Branding, Sales and Business Building, you will take your business to the next level!

Achieve and Exceed Your Goals

Expand Your Vision and Make It Your Reality!

After Level Up I Had My HIGHEST REVENUE Week In My Business!

I’ve been wanting to go to the next level financially for some time. This weekend I got the tools to begin my journey. I have been so inspired and supported that I took the leap and committed to the coaching program! I have been approached by coaches over the past 10 years and never felt like they were a “fit”. After getting to know the group, I feel confident that I’m in the right place. I feel safe. I always believed I could go far but now I have a partner with experience to lead me. I came this weekend not knowing a single person and now I feel like I have a “family”. I am so excited to start!! I can FEEL the difference and can’t WAIT to make this year my best financial year so far."

Cynthia Gabaldon, D.C.
Gabaldon Chiropractic

Exceed Your Goals With WPN's Exclusive & Results Driven Process

  • Clarify & Expand Your Vision
  • Solidify Your Goals
  • Develop the Revenue Model to Reach Your Goals
  • Marketing, Customer Buying Cycles, Sales Messaging
  • Create Your Step-by-Step Action Plan and Lock It In Your Calendar!

Strategy, Confidence & A Phenomenal Community!

Level Up showed me strategic ways to market myself and my business to ensure I generate the capital needed to sustain me and my business which ultimately leads to abundant success.  It also restored my confidence to build my business, allowing me the opportunity to connect and build new and lasting relationships with a phenomenal community of power houses.  Thank you!"

Carolyn Lordeus
Attend The Next Level Up Workshop!

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The 8th Annual Prosperity UN-Conference

August 18th - Boca Raton

Wondering what the "TWIST" is?

Come on out and experience the WPN difference! Enjoy this fun evening of connecting with inspired business professionals who are committed to success, excellence and supporting others to create win-win scenarios.

Happiness Hour
Networking with a Twist!

  • Taking the time to mix, mingle and relax as you get to know the people you really want to do business with
  • Winners who operate from the mindset of collaboration and coop-etition to create win-win scenarios
  • Inspired professionals who deliver great value and services with the utmost integrity
  • Success-Minded people who know that your network is your net worth
  • Talented people who are committed to excellent and making a difference in the lives of others

Happiness Hour
Networking with a Twist!



  • Tuesday, August 18th
  • 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Rafina Greek Taverna
Boardwalk at Boca Raton
6877 SW 18th Street
Boca Raton, FL 33433

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