Guest: C. Simone Rivers

Join us on WOW Wednesday as transformational speaker and personal growth strategist, C. Simone Rivers will offer first-hand knowledge and experience to guide you in your transformation.

Forgiveness is the Foundation

As someone who has been through her own share of challenges and heartbreaks, and reflecting on what it was that propelled her forward—first picking her head up, then step-by-step picking up strength, resilience and confidence along the way—the one single factor that moved her from victim to student was a decision to F.O.C.U.S. on Forgiveness.

  • FEAR and feeling are not facts?
  • Are you willing to OFFEND those telling you how you should feel?
  • CANCEL out judgement, both of yourself and others.
  • UNTIE the threads connected to old habits, behaviors and people.
  • Ask for SUPPORT. Regardless of the severity of your wound, you will need help in your healing.

About C. Simone Rivers

C. Simone Rivers is Founder of Triggering Light with H.U.G.G.S.—a personal development services company located in the DC Metropolitan area of the USA, servicing clients internationally. Its mission is to empower, encourage and emancipate women, specifically those currently or formerly in abusive situations.  Simone is an internationally recognized Transformational Speaker, Trainer and Personal Growth Strategist, purposed to guide individuals toward the highest version of themselves, speaking to their specific challenges. She lives by the philosophy, Impossible is a Lie! 

Before Triggering Light, Simone managed a successful, international, professional services consultancy, Ms. Write Now!, where she trained mid-level and senior management professionals and military personnel in professional writing and presentation skills.  

Simone is an MBA graduate, a Psych-K™ Facilitator, a Certified Speaker & Coach with the John Maxwell Team™, an international, bestselling author, and founder of the Possibilities Syndicate™.

Affectionately known as the Yum-Yum Ambassador, C. Simone Rivers influences the flavor of every room she enters. After living abroad for more than a decade, Simone now resides in the Metropolitan DC area.  She is the mother of two boys, Joshua-24 and Jameson-17.

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