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March 20, 2023

From the desk of Nancy Matthews

Hello Amazing One!

Keep your momentum in mastering your money mindset by taking on "The One Philosophy" and accelerating your prosperity with these free gifts and powerful tools.

  • Guide to Focus and Tune In to What You'd LOVE to Experience
  • The One Philosophy Principles - Quick Reference Guide to Keep You In Flow Being The One
  • Two 5-Minute Meditations - Keeping You Tuned In, Tapped In and Turned On to Your Passion & Purpose

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People often ask me, "How can I be the best ME possible?"

"How can I tap into the type of creativity and genius I see you and other successful people have?"

The answer lies in accessing a higher level of thinking ... a higher level of consciousness ... going way beyond survival to thriving, creativity and contribution.

As someone who has learned how to transcend surviving and just getting by and living paycheck to paycheck as I worked myself to the bone raising two small children on my own, I know that the single most important factor was in learning to give myself just a few minutes every day to tap into the genius inside me that was waiting to be revealed.

And let me just say ... being a single Mom ... finding time for just me wasn't so easy. But I found it. I made it a priority ... just 5 to 15 minutes a day ... and my life transformed!

Enjoy these FREE gifts ... designed to remind you of the brilliance, the power and the beauty that is YOU!

It's just 5 minutes and I know if I can find 5 minutes ... so can you!

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What You'd Really LOVE to Experience!

Use this guide to allow your true you desires to shine through as you tap into what you'd really LOVE to experience. This activity connects you at a soul level, using all your senses to create a life of alignment, fulfillment and fun!

The Six Principles of The One Philosophy

You are likely someone who is already living The One Philosophy and I thank you for Being The One! This quick reference guide to the six principles for living The One Philosophy will support you as a gentle reminder of who you really are and who you want to be as well as uplift you when times are challenging.

You Are Loved Meditation

A simple and powerful meditation to remind you that we are all connected and that YOU are an essential and important piece of the puzzle. You'll find that after listening, you will move forward in your day with more self-love as well as love and appreciation for others.

Chakra Activation Meditation

Chakras are energy centers in your body ... just as our organs control bodily functions, our chakras control energy and emotions. This meditation will support you in ramping up the energy in your chakras so you are making the most of all the gifts you've been given!

You'll also get a bonus reference chart depicting the 7 Chakras and their locations in the body.

Join the ranks of the most successful, prosperous ... and most peaceful and fulfilled people ... who've learned how to access that which already exists within to live your best life and fulfill your potential and purpose.

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