Does the life you now live actually reflect your highest values?

Demartini Values Determination Workshop



  • Saturday, August 8th
  • 8:30am to 12:30pm

Priority One Credit Union
3000 N. University Drive
Sunrise, FL 33322

Know Yourself
Be Yourself
Appreciate Yourself

Your Highest Values ...

Your highest values, once known and applied as a primary directive can make the difference between living an un-meaningful or meaningful life.  This one factor has more impact on your life and destiny than any other factor.  By mastering the comprehension and application of this one factor you will have the key to transforming and fulfilling your life.

Dr. John Demartini

Donna is an International Human Behavior Coach serving clients on four continents and brings over 23 years of experience in this work.  We are privileged to have Donna Cohen facilitate this powerful workshop.

If you have either listened to one of Dr Demartini’s inspiring educational CDs, or attended one of his live presentations on masterfully empowering your life in business, finance, family/relationship, spiritual, mental/educational, social/leadership, or health/wellness, you will have probably realized how vitally important it is to fully know what your true highest values or priorities are. For, without knowing these key vital elements and having congruency between them and your daily intentions or goals you are less likely to implement or act upon what you learned and intended in your life and less likely to empower each of the seven areas of your life. And you may then be wondering how to be sure what your true highest values are?

It is unquestionable that determining your true set of priorities and/or highest values in your life could be one of the most important actions you could ever do.  And setting goals and intentions according to these highest values is the second most significant action you could ever do.  Without these two actions, you will most likely live a quiet life of desperation and not an amazing life of inspiration.

The workshop is designed to ensure that you not only understand the importance and principles behind human values and how your perceptions shape your life.  You will walk away from this event with a clearer breakdown on what is truly most important in your life and why you do what you do.

Be Clear On What Makes You Who You Are ...

If you would love to determine your highest values and be clear on what makes you who you are and why you are inspired by what inspires you, then this is one session that will make a massive difference in your self-understanding and empowerment.

Being introduced to Dr. Demartini’s Value Determination Process has been one of the biggest aha moments in my life. What he teaches is so simple and yet so profound and the ripple effect so vast that I just cannot understand why this is not taught in schools around the world. It helped me to gain an understanding of what inspires me and why, what to do for a career, how to communicate effectively with people, how to set goals that I actually achieve, how to build my wealth, how to be adaptable to life’s challenges and I could just go on and on about the multiple benefits. If you don’t know your values you are held back from your own productivity and success! Knowing your values is your 101 to living an inspired and empowered life.
Rob Murdoch

I have truly moved forward mentally, by overcoming challenges and fears I have faced in my past. Dr Demartini has shown me that it's possible to achieve my goals, simply by discovering my true inspiration and value.
Jason Skelton

Know Yourself
Be Yourself
Appreciate Yourself

Demartini Values Determination Workshop

Saturday, August 8th
8:30am to 12:30pm

Priority One Credit Union
3000 N University Drive
Sunrise, FL 33322

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