Guest LaWanna Bradford

Sure we know that life is filled with challenges and obstacles and that once we are through them lessons and opportunities will be revealed, but how exactly are we meant to get through those challenging times? LaWanna shares the power of putting on your night vision goggles to navigate your way out of the night.

LaWanna Bradford is a serial entrepreneur and global leader in the strategic planning and performance management arena. She is a thought leader and business management consultant who applies strategic thinking and business management concepts to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and identify both business and life opportunities for improvement and growth. She is the COO of The Bradford Group, a commercial and investment mortgage brokerage and The Principal of The Bradford Group Consulting, a business management consulting firm. As a change agent, she leverages her 30+ years of experience working with federal and private industries and small businesses to guide individuals toward achieving growth, understanding their market position, and increasing awareness of the customers they serve.

She believes life should be embraced in the moment of now and that positive transformation and lasting impact in life and in business are achieved one strategy at a time.

LaWanna is a certified in Strategic Planning and Quality Management and Georgia Oglethorpe Board Examiner’s Training. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Arizona, and a graduate degree in Administrative Organization and Management from Golden Gate University Graduate School of Public Administration. Her passion for shifting paradigms that allow women to elevate to the highest versions of themselves is magnified in the Celebrate You Women Embracing Wellness & Life movement that she co-founded. LaWanna is an international best-selling author, public speaker, trainer, philanthropist, artist, avid reader, and writer who loves nature and spending time with her family. 

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