Guest Terri Watkins

Tired of reading tips or tricks and feeling like the next step is going to be easy, only to find yourself frustrated at lack of results?

What most of these “silver bullet tricks” are missing are two things: context and strategy.

Without those, your efforts can become little more than busy work as your message lost in the white noise of the digital space.

Join us on WOW Wednesday as, Terri Watkins shares how she helps people just like you find the pitfalls in your marketing so you can max-out your budget and results so you can focus on what you love and grow while doing it!

Terri Watkins’ story isn’t much different than yours, but I am going to share it today as I introduce her so you can understand how she came to be with us today. Terri is a college graduate from Guilford college in 2009 with a major in Psychology and Business Marketing was her minor, but we aren’t here to talk about her resume. From college Terri went into corporate America and then small business, and then agency work.

This all led her to working as a partner to a business coach in 2017. Within just a few months Terri discovered her business partner was lying to her about company funds. By May Terri had calculated they had squirreled away about 6 figures that was owed to her. It was time to stop. So for her birthday she gifted herself the freedom to start over. With $0 in the bank she borrowed money and food from friends to help keep her home afloat while she worked out her next steps.

That is how SpinFrogs came to be. SpinFrogs has since helped 35 business owners grow 10% to 1200% in 1 year in revenue with her marketing guidance, including her own business growth from $0 to $67,000 in just 1 year.

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