Your Most Valuable Resource … And You Get 86,400 Every Day

Yes, TIME is your most valuable resource. Every day we each get 86,400 seconds to spend and what determines the quality and prosperity of our lives is HOW we spend those precious seconds. There are many teachings, trainings and books on time management (my Google search for time management came up with 205,000,000 results!) This is a clear indicator that it’s an area where people are seeking help.

What if you could reclaim stolen time?

What if a shift in your perspective about time could give you those extra hours in the day you’d love to have? Extra hours you could spend with family and friends, extra hours you could work on future projects, extra hours you could just sleep or go to the spa?

To get you started on this path to more time, more joy and more prosperity, try 3 Time Management Tips which have helped me and my clients:

Tip # 1 – Shift Your Language

Our common phrases and cliches about time actually perpetuate the madness. I’m sure all of you can complete this sentence … “I feel like I’m running around like a chicken _____”

Too many of us use these words unaware of the subtle and deep impact they have on our energy, i.e. how we feel. What happens when you say those words is that you are subconsciously recalling the image of it in you mind. Go ahead now and intentionally conjure up the image of a chicken running around with it’s head cut off.  How do you now feel? YUCKY I’m sure. Every time you say that phrase you are creating that feeling in your body — which leads to a greater sense of stress.

Try on this shift — when you feel like you’re being squeezed by time … notice your language and shift to “I get everything done that I’m meant to get done with grace and ease.” (This may feel strange or even like a lie at first, but with practice, it will soon be your experience.) Choose grace and ease over feeling like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off!

Tip # 2 – Block Scheduling – A Slightly Different Approach

Rather than just scheduling your ‘work’ activities in your schedule, I recommend you schedule EVERYTHING – work, vacation, meditation, exercise, recreation time, flexible time — all of it. What could at first appear like too much structure will actually give you a sense of freedom and peace of mind.

Tip #3 – 15 Minutes of Daily “ME” Time

I know this has been key in being able to handle the many demands of running several businesses and enjoying the journey. I started this practice over 30 years ago as a single mom who realized that if I didn’t wake up and take care of myself before my baby woke up … I’d be lucky to get a shower in, let alone, have a peaceful and cheery disposition to enjoy that precious time with him before I dropped him off at the babysitter for the day. So, I began the practice of waking up 15 to 30 minutes before anyone else in the house and having ME time. Checking in with how I felt that morning, finding things to be grateful for and then setting my intention of how I wanted to experience the day ahead. What a difference that made for us each morning (and still does for me to this day) to step into my day with a sense of focus, love and creativity!

If you’d like to learn more about how to make time shift for you, I’ve got a free video for you at ►

You can start right now — with the very next second of those precious 86,400 you got today, to shift how you feel about time and then watch how it expands as you get everything done you’re meant to do today with grace and ease!