Guest Susan, Nancy & Trish Founders of Women’s Prosperity Network

You are going to love this Anniversary Celebration because it’s when we give YOU prizes!

Plus, the Sisters will share how they have been able to remain consistent and the systems that support when “life” gets in the way.

Join us for this week’s Wow!

(You know it’s well-named and we will Wow you!)

Women’s Prosperity Network was founded in 2008 by three sisters (yes, real blood sisters!) with the intention of creating a new type of networking for women.  Women networking within a framework of a continuing community of support, education and advancement in their personal and professional lives.  Through our online and offline resources and our signature mastermind formula, “Brilliance, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs” women come together in the spirit of collaboration and coop-etition, with a commitment to excellence and sharing their gifts and talents.  The success of Women’s Prosperity Network is directly related to the success of our members.

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