Guest Karla Merrell

Anytime reinvention: Becoming Whatever you want to be through the power of decisive action regardless of your story. From attorney to the Event Maximizer, how Karla created a unique category for herself to add value to others that separated her from the crowd and how taking action became the key of transforming a business vision into reality one decisive step a time.

Karla bravely took the leap of starting her own business 8 years ago with no hospitality background, contacts in the industry, email list or fancy website. Since then, she has taking massive action to build a thriving business that has helped dozens of female entrepreneurs attract their ideal audiences and monetize their services.

In the last 2 years, Karla has made this system accessible to all kind of service-based female entrepreneurs through The Event Maximizer Course, a live online curriculum created for female entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their own online programs and grow their businesses with an audience centered approach that focuses in attracting prospects and mastering sales.

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