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Episode 07 – Resurrecting Childhood Dreams   

Meet Dawn Meyer

Dawn Meyer shares how she was able to resurrect not one but two of her childhood dreams despite challenges and obstacles that could have stopped her. Dawn is a former Space Shuttle software engineer (yes, a rocket scientist) now energy healer, best selling author and speaker. Her story inspires us all to allow our dreams to take flight!

About Dawn Meyer: Dawn Meyer is a Former Space Shuttle Software Engineer (Rocket Scientist) and she uses the same science that lifted a 165,000 pound space shuttle off the ground to lift you up and out of what may be keeping you from soaring. You see … Everything is Energy! When you change your energy, you change your body and your life. It’s all about following the energy and choosing what is a contribution to your life. Having experienced her own energy constrictions (both internal and external), Dawn was able to shift her energy and her life and knows that you can too.

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Episode 06 – When Night Falls – Put on Your Night Vision Goggles  

Meet LaWanna Bradford

Sure we know that life is filled with challenges and obstacles and that once we are through them lessons and opportunities will be revealed, but how exactly are we meant to get through those challenging times? LaWanna shares the power of putting on your night vision goggles to navigate your way out of the night.

LaWanna Bradford is a serial entrepreneur and global leader in the strategic planning and performance management arena. She is a thought leader and business management consultant who applies strategic thinking and business management concepts to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and identify both business and life opportunities for improvement and growth. She is the COO of The Bradford Group, a commercial and investment mortgage brokerage and The Principal of The Bradford Group Consulting, a business management consulting firm. As a change agent, she leverages her 30+ years of experience working with federal and private industries and small businesses to guide individuals toward achieving growth, understanding their market position, and increasing awareness of the customers they serve.

She believes life should be embraced in the moment of now and that positive transformation and lasting impact in life and in business are achieved one strategy at a time.

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Episode 05 – From the Shadows Into the Spotlight: How a Recluse Found the Courage to Trust Herself & Others

Meet Tamara “Tami” Patzer

How does a shy, introverted little girl grow up to be in the media spotlight. Featured Guest: Tamara “Tami” Patzer Tami shares her story of being raised in an environment where she couldn’t count on others, couldn’t trust people and as a result became a strong, independent woman who thought the only way to get things done was to do them herself. After years of struggle and hard work, Tami learned the path to true success and fulfillment came when she learned to trust others and trust herself in knowing who to trust. Tami’s journey is a common one and she gives hard-working and isolated women hope in the power of connection and collaboration.

Episode 04 – Navigating Life’s Pivots: The Ones You Want and The Ones Thrust Upon You

Meet Dr. Trish Murray

Episode 04 of the Be Real, Get Real Podcast with Nancy Matthews of Women’s Prosperity Network features Dr. Trish Murray sharing her story of navigating the many pivots she experienced and her story of resilience and adaptability.

How do we handle changes in our lives? While we all know that life is constantly changing and evolving, as much as we try to prepare for those changes, there are times when a curve ball comes our way and we are presented with the opportunity to pivot.

Dr. Trish Murray will share how she was able to PIVOT after an accident ended her career as an Elite Athlete and then again when she began medical school at the age of 35.
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Episode 03 – Corrections, Corruption & Carving Out Your Own Path

Meet Patricia Rogers, Retired Correctional Lieutenant turned Entrepreneur

After 29 years working in the Department of Corrections in Miami, Florida, Lt. Patricia Rogers retired from that job but she was nowhere near done! Working in a male dominated industry, being passed over for promotions several times and being victim to injustices, Patricia may have left the Department of Corrections but the lessons she learned there has catapulted her into her second career as a successful entrepreneur. She shares her story of perseverance, faith and growth to let others know that no matter what circumstances are upon you now, there’s a purpose and a way through. What it looks like in the moment is never the final outcome. When asked what got her through and inspires her to this day, Patricia says, “You have to eat it, sleep it and live it as if it’s already yours and you have to be willing to invest in YOU!”

She is now an International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Event Coordinator who’s committed to teaching others how to host effective events by providing them with the tools, resources and opportunities with others so that they can more easily carve out their own path for success.

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Episode 02 – Woman Scammed in Online Romance Stands Up & Speaks Out

Meet Debby Montgomery Johnson, “The Woman Behind the Smile”

We’re cautioned to be careful online, with our identities and our finances but what about our hearts? Debby Montgomery Johnson shares the story of her 2-year online romance that resulted in her sending who she thought would be her future life partner over $1Million. Debby now stands up and speaks out, sharing her story so that others will be protected and move forward eyes wide open to the masterful way that online predators have you feel wanted, safe and loved. For more information on Debby go to: 

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Episode 01 – The Sisters Share Their Stories, How It All Began & Why

Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr & Susan Wiener, Co-Founders of Women’s Prosperity Network

What was the inspiration for creating Women’s Prosperity Network? How was it that in 2008 when the economy was crashing, these sisters decided to create a new type of networking for women?

Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr and Susan Wiener are three sisters who work together, play together and in 2008 they created Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN). In this episode the sisters share their stories and the impetus that brought WPN to life. Since 2008 Women’s Prosperity Network has provided a community of support, resources, coaching and connections for impact-driven women entrepreneurs as they make a positive difference in the world through their programs, products and projects. For more information and to get connected with this extraordinary community be sure to visit: