Guest Dorothy Martin-Neville

After 20+ years as a psychotherapist seeing 42 patients a week, and as a woman who had to do to my own inner work, Dorothy has seen that powerful women have unique ways of doing self-betrayal, of giving their power away. Frequently, it’s because:
They don’t understand their own leadership style
They haven’t discovered what their soul’s purpose is – their Why!
They have never had a mentor who they could emulate, and,
Finally, they get caught being the good girl rather than the real woman……
This week’s Wow Wednesday international speaker, best-selling author, and executive leadership coach, Dorothy Martin-Neville will share how simple, even if not easy, it is to shine and to have a massive energetic footprint, great influence, profit and amazing impact.

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, international speaker, best-selling author, Executive Leadership Coach/Consultant, is also Past-President of the National Speakers Association – CT, and the founder of 4 companies including The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences where, as a leader in the field of integrative health in the United States, for 19 years she trained thousands of physicians, nurses, other medical practitioners, as well as non medically trained individuals, in the field of energy medicine.

In addition, Dr. Martin-Neville founded a non-profit Institute for Energy Medicine Research where her work was funded in researching the psychological and spiritual causes of various diseases.

Dr. Martin-Neville’s experiences as Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of a multi-million dollar Frontier Medicine Grant, recipient of NIH grant funding to research her work in Fibromyalgia, a Clinical Instructor as the University of CT medical school, a graduate school teacher, and founder of a pioneer school in integrative health, expand her ability to support her clients far beyond pure business and leadership success.

Dr. Martin-Neville’s years in an orphanage, being raised in the housing projects of South Boston, becoming a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, an ex-pat living on the Caribbean island of Anguilla for 10 years, and so much more, have taught her far more than most about having a vision, living your dreams, adaptability, re-inventing yourself, and trusting that there is a spiritual purpose for everything in life.

Finally, as a psychotherapist, Dr. Dorothy was in practice for 20+ years seeing 42 patients a week. Combining her well-developed skills in that area, with having had over 63 positions on her payroll, she brings first-hand knowledge to the challenges facing leaders on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level both personally and professionally.

In supporting individual Executive Coaching clients in recognizing their unique leadership style along with their spiritual purpose, Dr. Dorothy brings a great deal of humor and faith, both needed qualities in calling others to live this journey fully rather than surviving it.

Dr. Dorothy knows that success in health, balance, and life is imperative. Authentic, purpose-filled leadership provides all that; as a result, her goal is in supporting her clients in achieving all that and so much more. Learn More at

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