Guest Juanita Johnson

Join us for this week’s Wow Wednesday with Juanita B. Johnson as she shines the light on heroes whose stories have been kept in the shadows for far too long. As a cultural educator and fascinating storyteller, Juanita adds to the pages of history sharing the untold stories of courage, leadership and contribution of black Americans which have remained locked in obscure archives and academic libraries.

It is a well-known fact that the paths we take in our lives are often shaped by the people around us as well as the people who came before us. Think of your younger self and reflect upon the role models you had around you, who were depicted in stories, books, TV shows, sports, and movies.

A thorough reflection of the most-commonly told stories, reveals that only a small percentage (miniscule in fact), of those stories are about the great achievements of African Americans. The absence of these stories creates a hole in the true fabric of our country for ALL Americans.

Sharing the stories of African Americans’ resilience, faith and hope presents opportunities to break down the myths that separate us. Understanding and appreciating the past through these untold stories demonstrates clearly to people of all color that we are all one with the same hopes, desires, and capabilities.

Juanita B. Johnson is known as a cultural educator and fascinating storyteller. Her presentations and programs on African American pathfinders delivered through the art of storytelling and visual displays, educate and pass on time-honored African American values and standards through the sharing of rich and engaging biographical tales.

Audiences feel the lessons of responsibility, commitment, and determination found in the lives of numerous unsung African American innovators, pioneers, and trailblazers.

Johnson’s stories and lessons create impact for audiences of all ages and are perfect for corporate training, community organizations, and educational institutions.

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