Guest: Susan Capurso

Embracing your story and “Coming Full Circle” may not be on a person’s mind at the end of life. There are creative and profound projects and idea that they can do to strengthen the bonds with family and friends before they go.

Join us on this week’s Wow Wednesday as, Susan Capurso shares her new book, “Coming Full Circle- When the Diagnosis is Terminal,” where you will find 100 tools, tips and ideas that will help you find the closure you need and make a difference at the end of life.

The book will help help you review, reflect and make purposeful decisions on what’s to come. Susan helps you navigate a plan to strengthen your relationships now, while you still have the window of time. Avoid the pain and confusion of now knowing what to do next or how to do it. “Coming Full Circle” will help you to stop feeling so anxious, afraid and disconnected as you leave the world. Accept your diagnosis with the grace and love you deserve.

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