To be successful on Social Media it is important to post daily content across your Social Media Platforms. The consistent activity can seem daunting, however you cannot afford to ignore it if you want to reach your desired results! Follow the below best practices and you’ll be on your way to getting more clicks, clients and cash!

  • Scheduling and planning will save you tons of time, and you won’t be scrambling to post something at the end of the day.
  • Keep an idea notebook, or save links to things you see online that your fans, followers and connections, might like.
  • Make a list of Facebook Live ideas that would resonate with your target audience, what do they want and need? Start by posting one a week.
  • Pre-schedule your posts using the Facebook Scheduler on your Facebook fan page or for your other platforms use, or; this will help you to post consistent content without having to be on Social Media all day.
  • Repurpose your marketing material across the platforms. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel – use content from other marketing you may be doing – website content, email newsletters, blogs, books, or photos of products, services, events, etc.
  • Use a content calendar to sketch out a plan for each week. Get everything organized by creating your posts in advance.
  • Creating relevant, interesting and engaging content that is keyword rich will bring you online visibility and generate profitability.

It’s virtually impossible to create all the content your audience is interested in all on your own, so show fellow industry leaders some love & share their content with your audience whenever you think they’ll find it helpful. “Curating” content that others create also enables you to share other perspectives about your industry and allows you to talk about things that go beyond your area of expertise while also building relationships with those whose content you credit.

Leave space for creativity and anything that just pops into your head – that way your content stays fresh and relevant!

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