Guest Chairidee Smith

Chairidee Smith’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive, user-friendly and profitable information possible to a diverse and motivated population globally. Through her trusted and sought out MoguL-U Real Estate Academy, she provides real-world real estate investing, entrepreneurial training, and business leadership development.

During this interview, Chairidee will focus on:
How to develop strategies for economic success in a downturn
How to create a culture of personal reliance/team reliance for business success
How to develop a new leadership model for your business in the emerging market

Ms. Smith is an real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, and advocate for women’s business and economic power. She serves on various boards amplifying women’s voices in business to legislators, championing funding and opportunities for women to build sustainable and viable economic power.

Ms. Smith, also known as Ms. Mogul® utilizes keynote speaking opportunities, leadership development, mentoring, entrepreneurial ventures, and global enterprise to not only fuel the Houston economy but women’s businesses in global economies.
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