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The Cultural Health & Skill of Women Leaders

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Are you someone who ...

  • Believes that you can be an instrument of change in the world
  • Knows that through greater understanding and love for one another, our lives and our world will be a better place
  • Wants to live in a world where we embrace our unique differences and perspectives for a more inclusive, diverse and rewarding life

Achieving Cultural Mastery with Ricardo Gonzalez

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Women's Prosperity Network is honored to be collaborating with Bilingual America's Cultural Mastery Division with this study to explore how women leaders and business owners can better connect, collaborate and create a world of mutual love and respect.

During this webinar, Ricardo will be sharing the results of the Cultural Health & Skill Assessment (only the data ... no names, all information is held in strict confidence).

It is only through self-reflection, awareness and a willingness to develop ourselves that we can BE THE CHANGE we want to see in the world.

Their Vision: To transform community and organizational cultural relations for the common good by equipping leaders to successfully connect, create and collaborate with diverse groups of people.

"We cannot lead people to the highest levels until we know them at the deepest levels." ~ Quote from the transformative book, The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery