Master Class featuring Erika Ferenczi



  • Thursday, June 30th
  • 1:00 pm (eastern)
  • 12:00 pm (central)
  • 10:00 am (pacific)

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Special Interview with Erika Ferenczi

Best-Selling Author of

Beyond the Lies: The Way Women Sacrifice Freedom by Relying on Others

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Business & Wealth Minsdet Mentor

"Beyond the Lies"

Erika Ferenczi is the Chief Freedom Officer at The Unstoppable Female. A Dynamic Speaker, Loving Mom, she is the Founder of The Unstoppable Female and Author of Beyond The Lies ~ The Ways Women Sacrifice Freedom by Relying on Others.

Erika is a Financial Expert by Profession and a Business Mentor by Heart. She specializes in helping business owners get more clients and double or even triple their income in record time. Erika believes that the moment you turn your business into your life’s mission and you learn the art of marketing and sales you can not help but succeed and she is eager to show you how.

If You Are Completely Tired of Sacrificing Your FREEDOM and Depending on Other People to Dictate Your Life, It's Time to Recognize:


Culture. Your Experiences. Everything You've Learned.

Women are told at every stage of life that they have to sacrifice personal and financial freedom for happiness.  NO MORE!

You Are Strong. You Are Spirited. You Are Brilliant.  Now, You're About to Discover...

EXACTLY what you've been missing.

Join Nancy Matthews and Erika Ferenczi on Thursday, June 30th at 1 pm (eastern) for this life-enhancing Master Class where you will learn:

  • Practical strategies that will help you become more confident, overcome fear, make better decisions, and learn how to design a life you are proud of living
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Eliminate your fear of trying something new - like launching a new business
  • Find a wealth and success-based mindset
  • Forge an empowered relationship with money
  • Lose your fear of being regarded as "pushy" or "bossy" - bossy is a word that is used by people who fear a woman with confidence and drive!

Discover Your Power! Learn to Grow a Business! Find Out How to Turn Your Passion Into Financial Freedom!

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