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Join Nancy Matthews with Guest Expert, Dawn DelVecchio for ...

Hot Copy = Cool Cash!

How to Communicate Your Message So Your Ideal Clients Want What You've Got!



  • Monday, June 8th
  • 7:00 pm Eastern
  • 6:00 pm Central
  • 4:00 pm Pacific

1 Hour Expert Tele-Class Including Ask The Experts Q & A Session

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Hot Copy = Cool Cash!

The quality of your marketing message determines whether you are HEARD in a noisy marketplace ... or not.

You know your ideal prospects CAN benefit - hugely - from working with you, but you've got to get their attention first.  If your copywriting is lukewarm, your chances of being heard are about as good as a whisper in a wind storm.  On the other hand...

  • Hot Copy gets your prospect's attention
  • Hot Copy engages people in a way that gets them taking action in your direction
  • Hot Copy gives you a marketing edge. And since copywriting is marketing's linchpin ...
  • Hot Copy = Cool Cash For YOU!

Dawn DelVecchio is a Copywriter, Internet Marketing pro and Business Consultant.  She works with Heart-Centered entrepreneurs to help them turn their Personal Mastery into Professional Success - with Authenticity and Heart.  We are thrilled to have her join us for this Expert Education Corner teleclass where you will learn:

  • The 3 copywriting mistakes that can turn your business marketing into a money-sucking sinkhole!
  • How you can quickly shift your marketing copy from money-waster to cash-cow!
  • The #1 way to improve your copy and start building a hot prospect list
  • How to easily avoid costly mistakes with your website copy ... so you can start cashing in with your online presence ASAP!

More About Dawn DelVecchio:  Recognizing the need for a way to bridge the gap between heart-centered and holistically-minded business owners and the digital age, Dawn’s copywriting services, training programs and books are designed specifically for those of us who want to share our gifts with a greater audience, but need help with the ‘building blocks’ of communicating what we do in a strategic and compelling way.

She’s the creator of Website Writing Bootcamp and Blog Like a Rock Star, and the author of the forth-coming book, Spirit, Mind & Money: A New Conversation about Service and Success for the Holistic Business Owner.  Learn More at


Join Us Monday, June 8th at 7 pm (edt)

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1 Hour Expert Tele-Class Including Ask The Experts Q & A Session

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