I know what it’s like to feel discouraged. In fact, I’m currently facing that ugly demon called Discouragement one more time and he’s driving me nuts. He makes me want to quit… to just give up.

After all, as Discouragement likes to remind me, “why try if no one wants what I’m offering?” (But he’s lying, some people love my Manifesting Clients Classes, workshops, and private sessions.) Even still, some days he’s hard to ignore.


If the path to having all the clients you want is like a train ride, Discouragement is one of the other passengers. And he’s an intrusive one. Instead of leaving me alone, Discouragement likes to urge me to get off the train.

He can be very alluring. Discouragement reminds me that, if I leave the train, I won’t have to work so hard. I won’t ever really fail. And he reminds me of all the other things I’d rather be doing than promoting and growing my business.

But if I listen to him, the Manifesting Clients Academy (my business) will never become all that I imagine it to be. I’ll never make the difference that I could make. And my potential clients will never have the experiences I can offer them. They may still grow their businesses and attract all the clients they’d love to work with, but it won’t be because of my services.


If I do listen to Discouragement and quit, life would be easier in certain ways. I wouldn’t have to deal with the challenges of success. I wouldn’t have to change. I could stay in the comfort of the familiar.

Can you relate?

If you can, I’ll ask you what I’m asking myself… Is quitting because of Discouragement what you REALLY want? Every successful entrepreneur that I know of has faced Discouragement and his fellow passengers – Failure and Fear – and kept going. Are you going to keep going?


There are other passengers on the train that can help. On my train, I see Courage, Commitment, Hope, Good Feelings, Excitement, Gratitude from my Current Clients, Financial Rewards, Encouragement, and Making a Positive Difference… to name a few of the other passengers.

And then there’s all the good feelings I’ll likely experience if I keep going and especially if I make it all the way to the last stop on this train – Having All The Clients I Want. When I imagine getting there and having all the clients I want, I imagine feeling…

  • Proud of myself and my work.
  • Like I’m making a positive difference.
  • Loving towards my clients and grateful they’re in my life.
  • Happy to be doing such fun and useful work.
  • Abundant.

How about you? What do you imagine you’ll feel? I invite you take a moment to write a list of those feelings. Keep it close by to read when Discouragement is whispering in your ear.


But if you do quit, you will never experience all of those really awesome feelings. So… I say, STAY! Keep going!


Send Discouragement to the other side of the train or, better yet, just kick him off! Surround yourself with Encouragement, Hope, and Excitement. Focus on where you’re going and what you want to feel. Then instead of sitting beside you and talking in your ear, you won’t see or hear Discouragement because he won’t even be on the train.

Kathryn Yarborough is the creator of the Manifesting Clients Academy and an inspirational speaker. She shows heart-based entrepreneurs how to grow a business they love by creating a vision for the future that excites them, designing a marketing plan that works for them, and being intentional about the story they tell themselves so they’re magnetic to their clients. To find out more, go to www.ManifestingClientsAcademy.com

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