Guest Cheri Martin

What do you do when one day your life seems very promising, full of hopes and dreams, and within 24 hours of moving to a new state, into a brand new home, and finally having your family all together again, your life as you imagined it, would be turned upside down? Cheri Martin learned that it’s how you react to the obstacles in your way, that will determine your journey. During this journey, which was full of both hills and valleys, she discovered a hidden strength in her voice, a voice she thought she had lost. It gave her the confidence to show up, even when she didn’t really feel like it, and re-claim the fearless child she once was and stand strong as the outgoing, adventurous, fearless woman she is today.

Cheri Martin is known as the “So Social Visionary” for her approach in the art of social networking. She is a social media and content marketing strategist, and co-founder of WCN Interactive, with more than 21 years of online marketing experience. Her skill in mastering the different social media sites, passion for networking, plus her joy of teaching, led her to begin assisting entrepreneurs and small business professionals in eliminating the overwhelm, confusion and frustration of social media marketing.
Cheri is a bestselling author, recipient of the Golden Mouse Award for Social Media Marketing Leader of the Year, certified Constant Contact email marketer and a certified trainer, coach and speaker. She is always excited to share her expertise through training, coaching and speaking so that you get more Clicks, Clients, and Cash! Learn More