Guest Jacqueline Lulu Brown

We all struggle with the temptation to wear masks, and it’s a lifelong struggle. We face temptations regularly, often daily, to try to be someone we’re not. Whether we are just trying to fit in, attempting to hide our hurts with the “I’m fine” mask, or doing whatever it takes to make others like us, the struggle is real. Since this temptation is common to all people, we often think we are in good company.

Jacqueline Lulu Brown, fondly known as “LuLu” is a dynamic woman who spent over 38+ years in the Information Technology and Engineering arena. During that time, she held technical and executive leadership roles which allowed her to travel globally.
One of the things that “Lulu” discovered during her career and travels was that women in their career, business, or in the church, were feeling the heavy burden of silently carrying their “unsaid.” These unsaid challenges are often not openly discussed because of secret shame, and ultimately, the fear of revealing one’s true self.
Now, as a Transformational Speaker, Elevation Leader, Women’s Empowerment Consultant, Mentor, and Licensed Minister, she’s spoken, coached, and mentored Women and Young Girls internationally. The key outcomes for clients are “elevation to one’s highest self, alignment with spirit and authentic self, and unleashing one’s Divine Feminine Power”.
Lulu values innovation, diversity, service, individuality, and equality. She believes every woman deserves a bright shining life that sings to their soul.
She hosts a weekly segment, “Be Real Be Raw Be You with Lulu – The Lulu Experience” on iWorship96, an international radio station. She is a co-author of the international best-selling book “31 Ways of Influence”. 

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