Guest Tamara Patzer

From the Shadows into the Spotlight: How a Recluse Found the Courage to Trust Herself & Others

How does a shy, introverted little girl grow up to be in the media spotlight. Featured Guest: Tamara “Tami” Patzer Tami shares her story of being raised in an environment where she couldn’t count on others, couldn’t trust people and as a result became a strong, independent woman who thought the only way to get things done was to do them herself. After years of struggle and hard work, Tami learned the path to true success and fulfillment came when she learned to trust others and trust herself in knowing who to trust. Tami’s journey is a common one and she gives hard-working and isolated women hope in the power of connection and collaboration.

About Tamara “Tami” Patzer

Bio – Tamara “Tami” Patzer has shared her publishing and marketing strategies for impact, influence, and income with business owners, medical professionals, subject matter experts, and local marketing consultants at Harvard, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and NASDAQ as well as SCORE, SBDC, Sea Grant and many chambers and local organizations.

She is the creator of Women Innovators podcast and publishing program as well as the Thought Leaders show and the Daily Success® Institute.

In addition to publishing and consulting directly with thought leaders and entrepreneurs in finance, health, and heart-centered businesses, Tami has trained thousands of local marketing consultants in social media and video marketing. She has helped hundreds of people become International Best-Selling Authors and is the creator the “Beyond the Best Seller” book creation and marketing formula.

Tami is recognized for her creative outside the box thinking and action implementation plans for her clients. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and professionals showcase their expertise as Subject Matter Experts by positioning them as educators and advocates for the success of their clients and prospects.

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