Guest Abigail Tiefenthaler

Abigail shares how her recent medical journey helped her understand the power of trust and how it impacts her life, her business success and her plans for the future. She chronicled this journey on FB using #CampGoodBlood as a way to process her thoughts, feelings and medical steps. She found that as she started trusting herself she was able to share her journey and bring together an incredible community. She never expected the engagement she got on her posts. And while so many said sharing her journey was inspiring and motivating to them, it was the responses that helped Abigail stay positive, continue to share her perspective and do so with humility and a sense of humor.

Abigail Tiefenthaler is a mother, wife, entrepreneur and former corporate marketing manager who started a home-based business 23 years ago. She started as a promotional products distributor and grossed $1.2MM her 2nd year, putting her in the top 5% of her industry. She attributed her success to one simple strategy. Ask for a seat at the table; show up as a problem solver and the business will come. And it did.

Her belief is, “Build a brand and you will build a business.” She offers practical solutions that are custom to the specific goals of each client. There is no one size fits all solution and Abigail is not afraid to get her clients to implement the right next steps for their business and not necessarily the steps that everyone else is doing.  Learn more at