Guest Pat Iyer

Do you want to experience the thrill of holding your book in your hands, but don’t know how to
get started? Do you have a burning desire to write a book but are worried no one will want to
read it? Do you wonder how to fit writing a book into an already crowded schedule?
This session will help you examine why you want a book, how it will help you in your
business/entrepreneurial role, and how to overcome the limiting beliefs and fears that hold you
You’ll get practical advice on how to get your book started.

Pat Iyer has written or edited 49 books since 1986. Her most recent book is 52 Writing Tips:
Fast and Easy Ways to Polish Your Writing (available on Amazon). She has been a member
of National Speakers Association since 2008. She is cohost of the new NSA Authors Group.
People with a burning desire to write a nonfiction book hire Pat as a book coach, editor and
ghostwriter. Claiming snowbird status, Pat lives in Florida in the winter and rural New Jersey in
the summer.

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