Guest Jannette Anderson

Join us on WOW Wednesday, as speaker and marketing expert, Jannette Anderson shares informative strategies to create your own compelling and effective information-based marketing.

If you are an expert, business owner, or service provider you need to differentiate and sell yourself before you even open your mouth… so you must master information marketing. By creating value-adding products like eBooks, checklists, templates and more, your prospects can get to know, value and trust you which builds your authority and influence!

During this powerful session participants will learn:

  • How to identify the topics that not only attract—but convert
  • The #1 way to establish authority and position yourself as THE go-to expert
  • Your key to being unforgettable in a sea of competition and sameness

Jannette Anderson’s title is The Expansionist because she helps people and businesses grow!

With over 35 years of strategic planning, sales and marketing experience (and yes she started when she was 9!)  she is a contrarian… which just means she focuses on what REALLY works for entrepreneurs. She has done her time in the corporate trenches in roles ranging from print-shop press-operator to V.P. Professional Services, but don’t worry—she is cured now and promises to never again stray from her first, last, and only true love of showing business owners how to make a meaningful difference AND a magnificent living! Jannette also brings her 30+ years of personal transformation facilitation and coaching to bear on getting the 4” between your ears working so your life and business can work together beautifully!

Whether she is speaking, training, or coaching she will kick your “Buts” and hold your heart as you step boldly into “Being the Difference That Only You  Can Be!”

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