Guest C. Simone Rivers, MBA

Join us for this week’s WOW Wednesday with a WPN fan favorite International Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, and Personal Development Strategist, C. Simone Rivers.  Today, we make music!  We make beautiful music in our lives by practicing acceptance.  We first find and accept our own voice, our own unique note.  Then, we accept that every person, circumstance and situation we encounter has its own unique sound as well.   Finally, we allow our notes to create chords of harmony that make beautiful music!
Do you want more love?  Do you want more joy?  Do you want more Confidence?  Do you want more money?   Join the “choir”  this week for this amazing teaching that will move you to Manifesting-More™ of everything you want.

C. Simone Rivers is the founder of Triggering Light with H.U.G.G.S., a personal development services company on a mission to elevate, educate and emancipate women, so that they can freely evolve and experience a life they desire and deserve. And, with a successful Speaker,  Teacher and Author, Triggering Light is the hub for engineering your best life. Simone is affectionately known as the Yum-Yum Ambassador for her unique ability to influence the flavor of every room she enters. Her smile is her superpower, and she lives by the philosophy, “Impossible is a lie!”

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